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IRES: Summer Biology Research Program in Japan

The research focus for this program is Novel Genetic Elements Regulating Behavior of Medaka and Zebrafish.

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tatami room
Tatami Room in Japan, Photo Credit: Mika Munakata

This grant-funded international research program allows students to engage in scientific collaborations at top biology institutes in Japan.

Funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF Project #1952513), this summer program (including nine weeks in Japan) will provide students with invaluable research and intercultural experiences while working with an international team of biologists on CRISPR-Cas9 techniques generating transgenic fish to study genetic elements regulating  behavior.

The program is open to Montclair State and non-Montclair State students who are advanced undergraduate and graduate students who are interested in state-of-the-art gene editing molecular biology techniques. See Eligibility section for details. The program consists of nine weeks of full-time research in a Japanese laboratory, mentored by faculty member from the Japanese institutions.

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