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Undergraduate Students

The Chemistry and Biochemistry department offers two majors leading to degrees of Bachelor of Science in Chemistry or Biochemistry. A student who chooses the chemistry major will be prepared for graduate study in chemistry or biochemistry, for professional employment or professional education in fields related to science, or for teacher certification.

Biochemistry majors will emerge with a strong background in the basic sciences and mathematics as well as biochemistry qualifying them for graduate study in biochemistry or professional employment.

With appropriate elective course selections, students in either major can satisfy the requirements for pre-health professional programs, pre-medical, pre-dental or pre-chiropractic. Our undergraduate programs also meet the criteria established by the American Chemical Society (ACS) allowing students that complete the proper sequence of courses to receive the ACS Certification.

Sponsoring a challenging honors program for academically outstanding chemistry majors (GPA > 3.70), an undergraduate research program, and offering cooperative education work experiences the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry is committed to helping our students not only succeed, but excel! Those interested should contact the chairperson for information.

Business Concentration Program

The department is creating a B.S. in Chemistry degree with a concentration in Business. The program includes the core Chemistry courses with an additional selection of Business courses. Within the Business concentration, three tracks are offered: entrepreneurship, professional selling, and management.

This new concentration is designed for students with an interest in the business aspects of the (bio)chemical and pharmaceutical industry, such as technical and chemical sales, management, logistics, and marketing. Students will receive a strong foundation in chemistry and learn the fundamentals of business. They will be well prepared for entry-level positions in the chemical industry and related fields.

Students can apply for this program after their freshman year if they have a GPA of 2.7 or higher. Interested students should contact the chairperson or Dr. Hendrik Eshuis for more information.

General Chemistry I (CHEM 120) and CHEM 106 Enrollment Requirements:

CHEM 106 Requirements

Non-passing score on the Chemistry Readiness Test; and MATH 111 (CSAM Majors) or MATH 100 (Non-CSAM Majors) as a co/pre-requisite with grade of C- or better OR a math placement test score indicating MATH 111 (CSAM Majors) or MATH 100 (Non CSAM Majors) equivalent proficiency.

Students with Chemistry Readiness Test scores below 10 are strongly encouraged to complete the appropriate MATH course prior to taking CHEM 106. Additionally, Major and Program-specific advising policies may require students to complete the appropriate MATH course prior to enrolling in CHEM 106. 

CHEM 120 Requirements

Passing score on the Chemistry Readiness Test or completion of CHEM 106 (or CHEM 105) with a grade of C- or better; and MATH 111 (CSAM Majors) or MATH 100 (Non CSAM Majors) as a co-requisite or pre-requisite with grade of C- or better OR a math placement test score indicating MATH 111 (CSAM Majors) or MATH 100 (Non CSAM Majors) equivalent proficiency.


Teaching Programs

Other Programs


All Chemistry and Biochemistry majors have been assigned a faculty advisor according to the schedule below. Continuing students should stay with their previously assigned faculty advisor. Under special circumstances, they may request a change of faculty advisor. All new freshmen and transfer students have been assigned a faculty advisor according to the list below. Freshman have also been assigned a CSAM academic advisor.

Office Hours for faculty are posted on the bulletin board outside the department office. Before meeting with your assigned advisor, if you have general inquiries, there is also advising available specifically for CSAM students. Visit the Academic Advising for CSAM Students page to learn more!

Last Name Faculty Advisor Office
A – Ak Dr. Bebbington RI-355
Al – Be Dr. Catalano RI-349
Be – C Dr. Eshuis RI-342
D – El Dr. Gao RI-344
Em – G Dr. Gindt RI-350
H – K Dr. Goodey LS-406A
L Dr. O’Neil RI-348
M – Mi Dr. Lee RI-357
Mo – Ol Dr. Rotella LS-406B
Om – P Dr. Sarkar RI 348
Q-R Dr. Talaga RI-360
Q – Se Dr. Schelvis RI-343
Sh – Sy Dr. Schneemeyer RI-370
T – Z Dr. Whitener RI-345


The Hans-Ulrich Gubler Award
Amount: $1200
Eligibility Biochemistry major and demonstration of academic excellence.
Purpose: This award was established in memory of Hans-Ulrich Gubler (1922 – 2010). Hans Ulrich Gubler was a Swiss microbiologist whose professional career spanned four decades. During that time he worked in a variety of biological research areas, most notably on the immunosuppressant properties of cyclosporine. His younger son immigrated to New Jersey in 1980 and his daughter-in-law is an Montclair State University Department of Biology alumna.
Deadline: February 15, notification by April 15
Application: The Hans-Ulrich Gubler Award (PDF)
The Gawley/Becker Science Education Award
Amount: Varies
Criteria: Final semester student must complete comprehensive science requirements to be determined by Chemistry and Biochemistry department chair and faculty.
Contact: Department Chairperson
George Placek Award
Amount: Varies
Criteria: Most outstanding sophomore scholar in Chemistry classes.
Contact: Department Chairperson
Margaret and Herman Sokol Freshman Chemistry Scholarship
Amount: $1,000
Criteria: Incoming freshmen chemistry majors recommended by their high school principals and/or high school chemistry teachers.
Contact: Department Chairperson
Racemics Scholarship
Amount: Varies
Criteria: Awarded to Junior chemistry or biochemistry major
Contact: Department Chairperson
Rufus Reed/Dorothy Schroeder Lehmkuhl Scholarship
Amount: Varies
Criteria: Awarded to a full-time undergraduate chemistry or biochemistry major with a minimum GPA of 3.25.
Contact: Department Chairperson
Noyce STEM-4-STEM Scholarship for preservice teachers
Amount: About $32,000 (tuition, stipends, costs related to certification, etc.) over two years.
Deadline: May 2, 2022