Hands holding models of chemical bonds in front of a computer display screen.

Career Information

It is never too early to start thinking about your life after graduation. We are eager to help you through this process and to provide you with a timeline for the various application processes whether for graduate school or medical school or entry-level industry positions.

For Chemistry and Biochemistry majors, the Department has started a Community in Canvas called Opportunities in Chemistry. In this Community, you will find pertinent information about timelines for the various application processes and useful information about what to put in your portfolio. You will also find timely information about research and job opportunities as well as open houses and other materials sent to the Department.

To have access to the Canvas Community, you have to be a Chemistry or Biochemistry major and contact the Department to be added to the Community. When you contact the Department, it is important that you provide your University e-mail address because that is needed to add you to the Community. Be aware that it may take a day or two before you are added to the Community.

Other important resources