Department offices are located in Richardson Hall along with teaching, instrumentation and research laboratories for introductory, general, organic, physical, analytical and biochemistry courses as well as faculty and student research. Our teachings and lab use abide by the principals of green chemistry, and you should also know the safety protocols before entering the lab.

The Department is dedicated to teaching in a stimulating environment providing ample opportunity for hands-on experimentation and individual research. Our mission is preparing and positioning motivated individuals for careers or advanced studies in chemistry, biochemistry and chemistry-based sciences. This includes fields such as medicine and pharmacology, expedited by our Articulation Programs, biotechnology and bioengineering.

What You’ll Learn

  • an understanding of the physical and chemical behavior of matter
  • the ability to think logically and clearly
  • articulating thoughts, especially to a non-scientific community
  • critical evaluation of experimental data and scientific literature
  • improved personal disciplines like organization and time management

How You’ll Learn

  • providing the highest quality instruction combining in respected undergraduate and graduate programs
  • maintaining a scholarly climate conducive to intellectual growth
  • fostering significant research in chemistry, biochemistry and interdisciplinary fields

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New Undergraduates: be aware of General Chem I Prerequisites

Looking to continue your education in a medical field? Learn about the Pre-Health Advisory Committee, the requirements for a letter of recommendation and you’re preparedness for medical school.

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All students within the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry are encouraged to participate in faculty supervised research projects.


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Richardson Hall Room 356

Department Administrators

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Saliya Desilva Chairperson   973-655-5134