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There are certain criteria for Undergraduate Research (CHEM-499) and students that do not meet these criteria should enroll in Senior Laboratory (CHEM-498). Students should complete an application that indicates that you have an interest in undergraduate research when you have some idea about what your responsibilities are and you have the following qualifications:

  1. CHEM-499 is limited to Chemistry and Biochemistry majors
  2. Completed General Chemistry I & II, Organic Chemistry I & II and Experimental Organic Chemistry I
  3. Research students should have earned a grade of C or better in all chemistry classes attempted
  4. Once a student has completed 3 credits of CHEM-499, the student should be permitted to take 1 semester hour of CHEM-499 in any particular semester
  5. Upon completion of CHEM-499, all students are required to prepare a formal research report

These are general criteria and exceptions can be made for outstanding students.

When conducting research in any of the lab facilities it is important to know the safety protocols, information found on the Safety Manuals and Resources page.

All students within the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry are encouraged to participate in research projects under the supervision of faculty. If you’re interested, view the faculty interests below and download the Research Application!

Faculty Research Interests

Jaclyn Catalano

Jaclyn Catalano
Assistant Professor
Location: Richardson Hall 349
Phone: 973-655-7118
Research Interests: Biochemistry – Understanding substrate specificity, structure, and mechanisms in Cytochrome P450.
Science of Art Deterioration: Understanding the structure and mechanisms of lead soaps formation in traditional oil paintings.

Saliya A Desilva
Location: Richardson Hall 343
Email: desilvas@montclair.edu
Phone: 973-655-5134
Research Interests: Supramolecular systems that utilize photoinduced electron transfer (PET) as a means of translating a molecular recognition event into an optical signal.; Designing new molecules that allow the manipulation of several PET processes with multiple cation binding events.

Jim H Dyer
Location: Richardson Hall 347
Email: dyerj@montclair.edu
Phone: 973-655-7165
Research Interests: Plant enzymology and molecular biology with a focus on the role of thiolases and cryptochromes; Techniques include: bioinformatics, cloning, expression, purification, biochemical characterization; Collaborations with other groups involve work on elucidating structure and function relationships with these proteins.
Hendrik Eshuis

Hendrik Eshuis
Location: Richardson Hall 342
Email: eshuish@montclair.edu
Phone: 973-655-7099
Research Interests: Computational Chemistry. Development and implementation of electronic structure methods, particularly the random phase approximation. Application to Van-der-Waals bound systems and atmospherically relevant systems.
Jinshan Gao

Jinshan Gao
Assistant Professor
Location: Richardson Hall 344
Phone: 973-655-5136
Research Interests: Proteomics and glycomics by employing free radical chemistry and mass spectrometry
Yvonne M Gindt

Yvonne M Gindt
Location: Richardson Hall 350
Email: gindty@montclair.edu
Phone: 973-655-3469
Research Interests: Biophysical chemistry. I am specifically interested in the mechanisms by which DNA repair enzymes recognize lesions on DNA.
Nina Goodey

Nina Goodey
Location: CELS 406A
Email: goodeyn@montclair.edu
Phone: 973-655-3410
Research Interests: Enzymology, enzyme kinetics, protein engineering, analyzing protein-ligand interactions
Brian D Humphrey

Brian D Humphrey
Location: Richardson Hall 341
Email: humphreyb@montclair.edu
Phone: 973-655-5138
Research Interests: Electochemistry and spectroscopic methods of analysis.
David W Konas

David W Konas
Location: Richardson Hall 352
Email: konasd@montclair.edu
Phone: 973-655-5156
Research Interests: Organic Chemistry, Bio-Organic Chemistry, Organofluorine Chemistry, Medicinal Chemistry, Enzyme Biochemistry
Glen O'Neil

Glen O’Neil
Assistant Professor (10M)
Location: Richardson Hall 376
Phone: 973-655-3749
Research Interests: Electrochemistry and chemical sensing.
Kevin Olsen

Kevin Olsen
Instrument/Research Technician
Location: Richardson Hall 340
Phone: 973-655-4076
Research Interests: Contaminated estuarine sediments
David Rotella

David P Rotella
Location: CELS 406B
Email: rotellad@montclair.edu
Phone: 973-655-7204
Research Interests: Medicinal chemistry
Johannes P Schelvis

Johannes P Schelvis
Location: Richardson Hall 354
Email: schelvisj@montclair.edu
Phone: 973-655-3301
Research Interests: Repair of UV-damaged DNA by DNA photolyase and cryptochrome (single-strand DNA photolyase).; Antibiotic activation and resistance in KatG, the catalase-peroxidase of Mycobacterium tuberculosis.
John Siekierka

John Siekierka
Location: CELS 406C
Email: siekierkaj@montclair.edu
Phone: 973-655-3411
Research Interests: Biochemistry of protein kinase signaling pathways. Protein kinase screening assays and drug development. Biochemistry of parasitic anti-stress responses.
David S Talaga

David S Talaga
Location: Richardson Hall 360
Email: talagad@montclair.edu
Phone: 973-655-7167
Research Interests: Amyloid (aggregated form of protein that accumulates in Alzheimer’s Disease, Parkinson’s Disease, Type II Diabetes, Spongiform Encephalopathies and others) formation mechanisms. Approaches include: Single molecule fluorescence lifetime, Solid state nanopores, Electrochemical impedance spectroscopy, Interfacial effects on proteins, Novel methods of global data analysis.
Mark A Whitener

Mark A Whitener
Location: Richardson Hall 345
Email: whitenerm@montclair.edu
Phone: 973-655-7166
Research Interests: Preparation and crystallographic study of coordination compounds with ligands that contain hydrogen bonding groups and reparation; Characterization of quasiracemates containing transition metal complexes.