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Hot Summer Days Ignite Scientific Minds

Department students talk about their research this summer

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collage of students conducting research, Summer 2023

Faculty members play a key role in identifying and training undergraduates. “I encourage them to think on their own because that’s where the real creativity comes from,” says Chemistry and Biochemistry Professor David Rotella, director of the Sokol Institute for Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences.

Professors know that you’re new and that you’re learning. They’re excited about being a part of your process, which makes it easy to have the vulnerability to try new things in the lab and be unafraid to ask the questions you need to ask to grow as a scientist.

Rachel Gushikem, a junior Biochemistry major mentored by Dr. Rotella

The students’ research choices reflect what they care about and problems they want to solve. “That’s where the passion comes from,” observes College of Science and Mathematics Dean Lora Billings. “Our faculty are very good at keeping projects moving, at teaching students resilience and persistence, and when things don’t go as planned, that there’s always a silver lining in there somewhere.”

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