students watching as chemicals combine in beaker

American Chemical Society Certification

The Department offers Certification by the American Chemical Society (ACS) Committee on Professional Training (CPT) of the Bachelor of Science in Chemistry. Students who wish to have their degree Certified must complete the B.S. in Chemistry and satisfy the following requirement.

  • Two of the following Chemistry Electives (6 s.h.):
    • CHEM – 410 – Advanced Quantitative Analysis (3 s.h.)
    • CHEM – 420 – Advanced Inorganic Chemistry (3 s.h.)
    • CHEM – 430 – Advance Organic Chemistry (3 s.h.)
    • CHEM – 440 – Advanced Physical Chemistry (3 s.h.)

The Accreditation of the Department by the ACS and the Certification of a student’s Bachelor of Science in Chemistry by the ACS CPT demonstrates that the student holds a Degree in Chemistry that complies with the curriculum as recommended by the ACS CPT. More information concerning Certification and the ACS CPT can be found at the ACS website.