Afghan Women: Resilience and Resistance March 2007

Afghan Women: Resilience & Resistance with Kathleen Foster

Dr. Afzal-Khan welcomed everyone to a screening of Point of Attack which deals with the incarceration of Muslim
South Asian men from Queens following 9/11. The audience also viewed parts of Afghan Women: A History of Struggle,
a film documenting the tumultuous history of continuous change within the political landscape of Afghanistan over the
past several decades. With interviews of Afghan women and visuals from various eras of Afghanistan, the film is centered
around the third annual conference of Women for Afghan Women at Kandahar in 2003. The event is considered to be
a milestone, as it discussed, drafted and signed the Afghan Women's Bill of Rights.

Afghan Women: Resilience & Resistance with Kathleen Foster

Kathleen Foster has been a New York-based photojournalist and documentary filmmaker since the 1970s. Her
work as a documentary filmmaker echoes her involvement in grass-roots struggles against racism and the fight for
social and economic equality.

Afghan Women: Resilience & Resistance attendees

Afghan Women: Resilience & Resistance Kathleen Foster speaking with students