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Gender, Sexuality, and Women's Studies

What is Gender, Sexuality, and Women’s Studies?

The Gender, Sexuality, and Women’s Studies program at Montclair State University takes seriously and thoughtfully its status as interdisciplinary. We approach our work, informed by an understanding of the intersectional experience of gender and sexuality, as indeed alive in all disciplinary arenas, as relevant across and also inter or between: from the study of the arts to the scientific research lab, in how we educate future teachers to our efforts to understand the human mind. Gender and sexuality are forces within which we all move as human beings, and they shift and change across categories of race, class, ability, ethnic identity and more.

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Our Mission Statement

The Gender, Sexuality, and Women’s Studies Program at Montclair State University offers students training in critical thinking, writing, data analysis and an education in the newest theoretical and methodological approaches to understanding intersecting identities such as gender, sexuality, class, race, religion, ethnicity and other factors. Our courses examine the connections between gender, sexuality and the diverse economic, political, historical and cultural institutions and relationships that shape people’s lives.

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A degree in Women’s and Gender Studies is perfect for students interested in building well-paying careers that are exciting, fulfilling and challenging. The interdisciplinary nature of Women’s Studies is excellent preparation for careers in research, education and librarianship, which require expertise in finding and using information on contemporary social issues.

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Our Faculty

Our accomplished faculty join us from diverse corners of the University, bringing expertise from a range of disciplines and inviting students to understand the complexity of gender, sexuality and women’s lives through myriad methodological lenses.

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As a small but growing program, we are dedicated to our mission of grooming the next generation of feminist scholars and activists working to make our workplaces more just and equitable, and engendering global cultures of care and concern for the environment and for each other no matter our gender, sexual orientation, creed, race, class or ethnicity.

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