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Internships and Careers

Think about a co-op or internship to enhance your Women’s and Gender Studies experience! Earn credit while putting your WMGS background to work!

Build your resume with an exciting internship.

A great way to get a more concrete idea of what kind of career you’d like to have when you graduate and to get experience in that field is by doing an internship. You’ll have great experience to put on your resume, gain many skills and jumpstart your career before you even graduate.

WMGS410 Cooperative Education: Women’s and Gender Studies

Be involved with an organization, agency or business that deals with women’s issues.
Three credits towards your WMGS degree.
15-20 hours per week.

What you need to do:

  • Have completed WMGS102, WMGS201 and WMGS301 Feminist Theory
  • Have a 3.0 or better GPA in the major or minor
  • Talk to the WMGS Director about your possible placements
  • Register and attend an information session through the Co-op office: “Who are We: Cooperative Education”
  • Contact Center for Career Services, 337 Morehead or call 973-744-5194.
  • Once your placement is approved you can register for WMGS410