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GLBTQ Studies Minor

Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer Studies Minor offers a unique opportunity to examine relevant questions involving national and international GLBTQ subjects and communities from multiple perspectives. Established in 2008, the minor consists of two core courses and four electives. All courses address GLBTQ issues from different fields of study, hence producing an interdisciplinary dialogue that promotes critical thinking and develops critical perspectives on the complexities of gender, sexuality and sexual identities.

This minor is designed for students to critically examine and creatively explore the construction and maintenance of gendered identities, sexualities, and related discourses and practices, in a variety of contexts. Students will study academic and activist scholarship that describes, analyzes, interprets and critiques a diversity of gendered and sexual identities, communities, institutions, and representations; they will also analyze materials and events from popular culture and socio-political policy and action.

To add a minor, the process is the same as adding a major.

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