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Program Governance

Program Director
Monica Taylor

LGBTQ Minor Coordinator
Andrea Dini

Program Assistant
Please email for assistance.

Student Assistants
Angela D’Allesandro, Sarah Goldbaum, and Claudia Martillo

Executive Committee (see below for department affiliation)
Alison Beringer
Danne Davis
Andrea Dini
Jessica Restaino
Meghan Robison
Dorothy Rogers
Monica Taylor

Advisory Board
Fawzia Afzal-Khan (English)
Nicole Archer (Art and Design)
Alison Beringer (Classics and General Humanities)
Yasemin Besen-Cassino (Sociology)
Caroline Dadas (Writing Studies)
Danne Davis (Teaching and Learning)
Andrea Dini (World Languages and Cultures)
Denell Downum (Writing Studies)
Emily Klein (Teaching and Learning)
Francesca Laguardia (Justice Studies)
Dorothy Rogers (Educational Foundations)
Monica Taylor (Educational Foundations)
Brad van Eeden-Moorefield (Family Science and Human Development)
Jason Williams (Justice Studies)