Sustainability Seminar Series

Organized by the PhD Program in Environmental Management
Venue: Center for Environmental and Life Sciences, Room 120, Tuesdays at 4:00pm unless otherwise indicated

Thank you for your interest in the Sustainability Seminar Series. We are finished with this semester's events. Check back soon for next semester's schedule!

Sept 12 Dr. Jim LewisFordham University, Chair of Biology Something wicked this way comes - human effects on the environment
Sept 19 Dr. Lee KerkhofRutgers University School of Environmental and Biological Sciences TBD
Sept 26 Dr. Jeremy FirestoneDirector, Center for Carbon-free Power Integration, University of Delaware Offshore Wind Power: Can New Jersey find a place at the table?
Oct 3 Orren SchneiderAmerican Water Applied Research at American Water – Turning Ideas into Applications
Oct 10 Dr. Ben GutiérrezU.S. Geological Survey Using Bayesian Networks to forecast barrier island geomorphology and impacts to piping plover habitat due to sea-level rise
Oct 17 Dr. Andrew AshtonWoods Hole Oceanographic Institution Morphodynamics of atolls, reef flats, and the islands atop them
Oct 24 Dr. Robert E. KoppDirector, Coastal Climate Risk & Resilience Initiative, Rutgers University Coasts in Times of Sea-Level Rise
Oct 31 Dr. Yair RosenthalRutgers University-New Brunswick A Paleo-perspective on Ocean Heat Exchange: Lessons from the Holocene and Common Era
Nov 7 Dr. Nina GoodeyMSU Wake up barren soil! Improving enzymatic function of contaminated soils
Nov 14 Dr. Gregory O’MullanSchool of Earth and Environmental Sciences, Queens College, CUNY Challenges to managing sewage pollution in estuaries: insights from emerging monitoring tools and investigation of microbial exchange among water, sediment and air
Nov 28 Dr. Doug JerolmackUniversity of Pennsylvania Creepy landscapes and critical points: how rivers and hillslopes behave like glass
Dec 5 Dr. Hal WalkerSUNY Stony Brook, Dept. Civil Engineering Removal of Cyanobacterial Cells and Toxins from Drinking Water
Dec 12 Dr. Ryan TapperoBrookhaven National Laboratory, US Department of Energy Exploiting synchrotron “light” to study chemistry of trace elements in soils and plants
Jan 17 Dr. Alan RobockRutgers University Nuclear Famine: The Threat to Humanity from Nuclear Weapons
Jan 24 Dr. Jessica MillerDepartment of Geography and Urban Studies, Temple University Just and Sustainable Planning Through Human-Environment Interactions
Feb 3 Dr. Bryan JonesCUNY Institute for Demographic Research Avoiding population exposure to heat-related extremes: Demographic change vs climate change
Feb 7 Dr. Kenneth BagstadU.S. Geological Survey Accounting for nature’s value: Applying ecosystem services approaches to natural resource planning
Feb 14 Dr. Stefanie BrachfeldMontclair State University Mars, Melts, and Magnetism: Using Synthetic Basalts to Understand the Red Planet
Feb 21 Dr. Chris HeinVirginia Institute of Marine Sciences Progradational beaches and dunes: Archives of Holocene sea-level change and coastal dynamics
Feb 28 Dr. Frank J PazzagliaLehigh University Intraplate earthquakes in the eastern U.S., infrastructure resilience, and lessons learned from the 2011 Mineral earthquake
Mar 14 Dr. Harold WalkerSUNY Stony Brook Removal of Cyanobacterial Cells and Toxins from Drinking Water - POSTPONED
Mar 21 Dr. Xenia MorinSchool of Environmental and Biological Sciences, Rutgers University, New Brunswick Agriculture, Food and Prospects for Sustainability
Mar 28 Domenica DominguezGlobal Education Center, The Fulbright Fellowship Program Overview of Fulbright U.S. Student Program: Grants to Conduct Research Abroad
Apr 4 Dr. Jason SylvanTexas A&M University, Ocean Discovery Program Distinguished Lecturer Those rocks are alive! Geomicrobiology of the deep biosphere in subseafloor igneous basement
Apr 11 Dr. Shishir ChundawatRutgers University Conversion of lignocellulosics to biofuels using a multistep chemo-enzymatic deconstruction approach
Apr 18 Dr. Norbs PsutyRutgers University A Multi-Scale Monitoring Program in the Northeast Region of the National Park Service and US Fish and Wildlife Service
Apr 25 Dr. Jensen MontambaultSenior Scientist, The Nature Conservancy Interdisciplinary Science; Integrated Solutions
Sept 13 Dr. Chris Paola
University of Minnesota
The Long and the Short View: Deltas, Subsidence, and Wetland Restoration in Louisiana
Sept 20 Dr. Oscar Schofield
Department of Marine and Coastal Sciences, Rutgers University
Hot days Along the West Antarctic Peninsula: Studying Ecosystem Change in the Dawn of Robotic Oceanography
Sept 27 Dr. Valdis Krumins
Department of Environmental Science, Rutgers University

Metabolic activity of airborne bacteria

Oct 4 Dr. Michel Boufadel
Center for Natural Resources Development and Protection New Jersey Institute of Technology
Impact of flooding and water quality on coastal resilience
Oct 11 Dr. Amy Savage
Department of Biology, Rutgers University-Camden

Diversity, ecology, & ecosystem services of urban insect populations

Oct 18 Dr. Natasha Henschke
Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences Program, Princeton University

Modeling global relationships between climate and jellyfish blooms

Oct 25 Dr. Mark LeChevallier
Vice President and Chief Environmental Officer at American Water, "Climate Change is Water Change - increasing water utility resiliency".
Climate Change is Water Change: increasing water utility resiliency
Nov 1 Dr. Brett Branco
CUNY Brooklyn College
NYC Lakes: Challenges, surprises and unintended consequences
Nov 8 Dr. Michael Griffiths
Department of Earth and Environmental Science, William Patterson University
Cave records from Southeast Asia: Windows to Past Hydroclimate Variability
Nov 15 Dr. Ronald Baker
US Geological Survey
Contaminant Transport from Landfills to Streams, Wetlands and Wells
Nov 29 Dr. Kelly Kryc
Senior Policy Analyst for Energy, Water, and Ocean Sciences, White House Office of Science and Technology Policy

Laws, Regulations, and Executive Action: The role of Science Policy and Governance

Dec 6 Dr. Mengyan Li
Dept. of Chemistry and Environmental Science, NJIT
Biotechnology-Enabled Environmental Cleanup: Application of Molecular Techniques to Bioremediation of 1,4-Dioxane
Jan 21 Dr. Jennifer Hodbod
Global Institute of Sustainability, Arizona State
Deliberate Transformation in Food Systems
Jan 26 Dr. Seung-Jin Lee
University of Michigan at Flint
Doing Sustainability Right: Applications of Integrated Sustainability Metrics
Jan 28 Dr. Susan Clark
School of Sustainable Engineering and Global Institute of Sustainability, Arizona State
An Interdisciplinary Approach to Critical Infrastructure Resilience
Feb 1
Dr. Joe Bergesen
Bren School of Environmental Science & Management, U.C. Santa Barbara
Technological Change in the Life Cycle Assessment of Rapidly Expanding Greenhouse Gas Mitigation Technologies
Feb 2 Dr. Paul Bologna
Biology Department, Montclair State University
Landscape Change and the Rise of Jellyfish
Feb 8 Dr. Andrew Nyblade
Penn State, GeoPrisms Distinguished Lecturer
The Formation of the Great Rift Valley in East Africa: Is there a Connection with Human Origins? (7:00pm)
Feb 9 Dr. Andrew Nyblade
Penn State, GeoPrisms Distinguished Lecturer
Cenozoic Rifting, Plateau Uplift, and Volcanism in Eastern Africa and the African Superplume
Feb 16 Dr. Carlos Molina
Biology, Montclair State
The Danger of Tanning
Feb 18
Dr. William J. Mitsch
Juliet C. Sproul Chair for Southwest Florida Habitat Restoration and Management, Florida Gulf Coast University
Phosphorus and nitrogen and carbon, oh my! (8:00pm)
Feb 23 Dr. Charles Vorosmarty
Civil Engineering and Director of the CUNY Environmental CrossRoads Initiative
Global Water, the Anthropocene and the Transformation of a Science
Mar 1 Dr. David Vacarri
Stevens Institute of Technology
A Substance Flow Model for Global Phosphorus
Mar 15 Dr. Karen O'Neill
Human Ecology, Rutgers School of Environmental and Biological Sciences
Biodiversity and ecosystem services planning in cities: A global survey of urban plans
Mar 22 Dr. Smita B. Brunnermeier
Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs, Princeton Univ.
Market Mechanisms for Wetland Conservation
Mar 25
Dr. Christopher Hein
Virginia Institute of Marine Science
From formation to collapse: The role of barrier-backbarrier couplings in barrier island stability
2:30 p.m.
Mar 29 Alexa Cole
Office of the General Counsel, NOAA
The Fishy World of Illegal Fishing
Apr 5 Cathleen Dale
Lamont Doherty Earth Observatory of Columbia
Geochemical Evolution of the Lithospheric Mantle in the West Antarctic Rift System
Apr 12 Dr. Amy Rowe
Rutgers Cooperative Extension of Essex County
Rutgers Veterans Environmental Technology and Solutions (VETS) Program
Apr 19 Ray Papperman
Director of the Office of Dispute Resolution, New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection
Environmental Conflict Resolution
Apr 26 Dr. José Luis Gallego
School of Mining, Energy and Materials Engineering, University of Oviedo, Spain
Advanced Tools for Brownfield Site Characterization and Remediation
Sep 8 Stefanie Brachfeld
EAES, Montclair State
Magnetic tracers of coal ash contamination in the Tennessee River Watershed
Sep 15 John Berger
Biology & Chemistry, County College of Morris
The Effect of UV light Depletion on Flavonol Biosynthesis: Chemical Ecology at Columbia University’s Biosphere 2 Facility 
Sep 22 Katherine Herbert & Jerry Fails
Computer Science, Montclair State
Sustainability and Computational Systems
Sep 29 David Axelrod
Economics, Finance & Real Estate
Profit, Choice and The Sustainable Spirit
Oct 6 Forrest Meggers
Princeton (Dr. Chopping)
Hacking Sustainability: integrating architecture, systems, and sensors to demonstrate overlooked potentials in the built environment
Oct 13 Dan Elliott
Geosyntec (Dr. Sarkar)
NO CLASS due to CELS ribbon-cutting ceremony. Presentation will be rescheduled for Spring 2016
Oct 20 Chris Chambers
NOAA (Dr. Wu)
Effects of Elevated CO2 on the Early Life-Stages of Marine Fishes and Potential Consequences of Ocean Acidification
Oct 27 Robin Leichenko
Rutgers (Dr. Chopping)
Coastal resilience in New Jersey: barriers, limits, and limitations
Nov 3 Eric Forgoston
Math, Montclair State
Nov 10 George Guo
Rutgers (Dr. Deng)
Stormwater Manufactured Treatment Devices: Performance and Maintenance
Nov 17 Paul Gottlieb
Rutgers (Dr. Lal)
Local Sustainability and Land Use.
Nov 24 Thanksgiving - NO CLASS
Dec 1 Brian Olechnowski
Fairleigh Dickinson (Dr. Rubinfeld)
Quantitative Genetics in Conservation and Wildlife Management: Microsatellite Variation in the Owens Valley Vole (Microtus californicus vallicola)
Dec 8 Melissa Hansen and Nanzhu Li
Doctoral candidates in Env Mgmt
Jan 20 Dr. Danlin Yu
Montclair State
Exploring spatiotemporally varying regressed relationships: The geographically weighted panel regression analysis
Jan 27 Dr. Alan Robock
Rutgers University
** Cancelled due to inclement weather **
Climatic consequences of nuclear conflict: Nuclear Winter still a threat
Feb 3 Dr. Joseph Ofungwu
Time series analysis for the environmental professional: An introduction and overview
Feb 10 Shazia Rafi
Global Parliamentary Services
Strengthening air quality parameters in SDG’s post 2015 public-private partnership possibilities
Feb 17 David Miller
Environmental Chemical Corporation
Middlesex FUSRAP site – A path to site-wide closure
Feb 24 Jay Springer
Section 319(h) Nonpoint Source Pollution Control Grant Program
Mar 3 Dr. Nicole Fahrenfeld
Rutgers University
Dissemination of antibiotic resistance in engineered and agricultural systems
Mar 10 Spring Break
Mar 17 Blaine Rothauser
GZA GeoEnvironmental, Inc.
New Jersey’s best kept secret: “Biodiversity”
Mar 24 Nick Angarone
Coastal community resiliency planning in New Jersey
Mar 31 Yu Qian
PhD Candidate, Environ Management
Mechanism study of trace metal uptake and transport in wetland plants
Apr 7 Dr. Jorge Trueba
Montclair State
Coupled barrier-backbarrier system responses to long-term coastal change
Apr 14 Dr. Renzun Zhao
Columbia University
Addressing environmental issues in the solid waste industry
Apr 21 Dr. Satish Myneni
Princeton University
A tale of two sides: Role of vegetation in the geochemical cycling of metals in soils
Apr 28 Dr. Onil Banerjee
Inter-American Development Bank
Integrated economic-environmental analysis for evidence-based policy making
Jan 21 Dr. Mark Chopping
Montclair State University
Multi-angle Remote Sensing of Canopy Structure and Aboveground Biomass
Jan 28 Kevin Olsen
Environmental Management PhD Candidate
Just What is an Urban Sediment?
Held in ML-155
Feb 4 Dr. Huan Feng
Montclair State University
Investigation of Metal Translocation and Accumulation in Coastal Wetland Plants
Held in ML-155
Feb 11 Dr. Nurdan Aydin
New Jersey City University
Urban Environmental Quality in Jersey City: Global Issues- Local Consequences
Held in ML-155 
Feb 18 Naz Onel
Environmental Management PhD Candidate
Antecedents of Environmentally Sensitive Consumer Behaviors: An Investigation of Goal Framing Theory
Held in ML-155 
Feb 25 Benjamin Witherell
Environmental Management PhD Candidate
Non-point Source Water Pollution Control: Social Benefit or Social Cost?
Held in ML-155
Mar 4 Luke Diglio
Environmental Management PhD Candidate
The Influence of Land Use and Land Cover On New Jersey’s Trout Production Waters
Held in ML-155
Mar 18 Dr. Urs Jans
City College of New York, CUNY
“How long do sediments stay contaminated” - Persistent chlordane concentrations in Long Island Sound sediment: Implications from chlordane, 210Pb, and 137Cs depth profiles
Held in ML-155
Mar 25 Dr. Paul Bologna
Montclair State University
Restoration, Recovery, and Mitigation of Submerged Aquatic Vegetation
Held in ML-155
Apr 1 Dr. Alexei Khalizov
New Jersey Institute of Technology
Sources and Impacts of Atmospheric Nanoparticles
Will be held in ML-155 
Apr 8 Dr. Mary DeFlaun
Geosyntec Consultants
In Situ Biosequestration of Arsenic in Groundwater
Will be held in ML-155 
Apr 15 Dr. Michael Miller
CDM Smith
Sustainable Remediation: Definitions, Methods, and Case Studies
Will be held in ML-155 
Apr 22 Dr. C.J. Liu
Brookhaven National Laboratory
Biosynthesis and Metabolic Regulation of Plant Phenolics
Will be held in ML-155 
Apr 29 William Mates
NJ Dept of Environmental Protection
The Economics of Radon Mitigation for Public Wells in New Jersey
Will be held in ML-155 
Sept 10 Dr. Ed Garvey
The Louis Berger Group, Inc.
Sediment Contamination in the Gowanus Canal: Historical, Current and Future Loads
Sept 17 Jan Mun 
Artists Working with Science: From Bioart to Bioremediation
Sept 24 Dr. Lex van Green
Columbia University
Sustainable Eradication of Arsenic Poisoning from Drinking Groundwater
Oct 1 Dr. Dan Elliott
Geosyntec, Inc.
A Decade of Remediation with Nanoscale Zero-Valent Iron (nZVI) – Applications, Implications, and Issues
Oct 8 Dr. Andrew Cohen
Cogent HydroLogic, LLC
Sediment Contamination by Groundwater-Surface Water Interaction, and Pore Water Modeling to Assess Biodegradation
Oct 15 John Boccino
New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection
Using GIS to improve efficiency and make better decisions
Oct 22 Dr. Carys Cook
Imperial College, London
Insights into the behavior of the Pliocene East Antarctic ice sheet from provenance studies of marine sediments using radiogenic isotopes 
Oct 29 Dr. Nicholas Procopio
New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection
The New Jersey Private Well Testing Act and Evaluation of Naturally Occurring Contaminants
Nov 5 Regina Sharma
Matrix NeWorld
Use of the Eko-Bag Concept in Living Shorelines Implementation: An Innovative Approach to Coastal Restoration
Nov 12 Dr. John Reinfelder
Rutgers University
Seven sisters: using mercury stable isotopes to track element 80 in the environment
Nov 19 Dr. Xiaona Li
Montclair State University
Application of phosphate oxygen isotopic composition to trace phosphorus cycling in the agricultural soils
Dec 3 Ray Germann
Lower Passaic Cooperative Parties Group
A Sustainable Remedy for the Lower Passaic River
Jan 22 Brunie Sanchez
US Census Bureau, New York
Your Community by the Numbers! Make census data work for You!
Jan 29 Dr. Jorge Berkowitz
Langan Engineering
Site Remediation Reform: the confluence of public opinon, politics, policy and government in NJ
Feb 5 Dr. Jeffery Cohen
University of Hartford
Effect of Component Failures on Financial Status of Grid-Connected Photovoltaic Systems
Feb 12 Dr. Andrew Carver
Southern Illinois University at Carbondale
Impaired Waters and Two-Toes Sloths: engaging policy makers and building capacity for the Sustainability Transition
Feb 19 Joseph Mirabella
NJ Department of Environmental Protection
Evolution of Environmental Enforcement over the Last Thirty Years
Feb 26 Michael Waas
TerraCycle Inc.
Eliminating the Idea of Waste
Mar 5 Gianfranco Archimede
City of Paterson
How Brownfield Remediation is funded in a historic district and who gets to say how the money is spent
Mar 19 Dr. Julie Lockwood
Rutgers University
Contemporary Evolution of Islamnd Birds
Mar 26 Dr. Steve Jenks
New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection
The Solar Cell of Tomorrow: new designs and methods for solar-generated electricity
Apr 2 Dr. Peifeng Zhang
Coty College of New York
Removal of Pharmaceuticals from Contaminated Water using Sewage-Sludge Derived Absorbents
Apr 9 PhD Dissertation proprosal presentations:
Alejandro Bozzolasco, Marcia Anderson, Gin Sanchez
Apr 16 PhD Dissertation proprosal presentations:
Sushant Singh, Rocio Onoro,
Virinder Sidhu
Apr 23 Graduating PhD student Presentations:
Pravin Punamiya
Green Remediation of Veterinary Antibiotics in Soil Water Systems
Apr 30 Graduating PhD student Presentations:
Padmini Das
Chemically Catalyzed Phytoremediation of TNT Contaminated Soil by Vetiver Grass
Sept 11 Dr. Peggy Minnis
Pace University
Working with the U.S Forest Service's iTree suite of programs to determine the benefits derived from the urban forests
Sept 18 Adam Sapp
CONTECH Engineered Solutions
Low impact development and rainwater harvesting strategies for the urban environment
Sept 25 Tom Belton
NJ Dept. Environmental Protection
Arsenic and old lakes - an environmental tale of colonial settlements in the Delaware Valley and the toxic legacy that followed 
Oct 2 Dr. Jose Manautou 
University of Connecticut
Transcriptomic analysis of liver from a mouse model resistant to acetaminophen hepatoxicity 
Oct 9 Dr. Antonio Violante
University of Naples, Italy
Factors affecting the mobility of arsenic in the natural environment 
Oct 16 Dr. Mike Aucott
NJ Dept. Environmental Protection
Energy Return on Investment (EROI) and its relevance to shale gas, other fuels and energy sources
Oct 23 Dr. Zeyuan Qiu
Comparative assessment of storm water and agricultural better management practices in suburban watershed management
Oct 30 Dr. Roger Wood
The Wetlands Institute
Terrible time for terrapins: developing stratefies to help a beleaguered species survive more than a century of continual human abuse
Nov 7 Dr. Wen Zhang
Measuring and imaging cellular impacts of engineered nanoparticles at the nana-bio interface
Nov 13 Dr. George O'Connor
University of Florida
Risk of biosolids-borne antimicrobials
Nov 27 Dr. Afrachanna Butler
Army Research Lab, Vicksburg
Use of "Green" Plants to Manage Munitions Constituents on Military Training Ranges 
Dec 4  James Wancho
Paulus, Sokolowski and Sartor
Monmouth Park Racetrack storm water and wastewater management
Dec 11 Dr. Carlos Molina
Montclair State University 
Using transgenic zebrafish as live biosensors for detection of water toxicity
Jan 24 Dr. Yang Deng
Montclair State
Advanced oxidation processes for lanfill leachate treatment:
Opportunity and challenge
Jan 31 Dr. Frank Gallagher
Gallagher Green
Valuing ecosystem services of urban green space
Feb 7 Ken Hayes
Aqua Survey, Inc.
Bombs, contaminants, and treasure
Feb 14 Paola Dolcemascolo
Michael Pawlish
Kevin Olsen
PhD Dissertation Proposal Presentation
Feb 21 Pamini Das
Luke Diglio
Pravin Punamiya
PhD Dissertation Proposal Presentation
Feb 28 John Cusack
Gifford Park Association
Sustainability, technology and finance
Mar 6 Dr. Marc Imhoff
Gray wave of the great transformation:A satellite view of urbanization, climate change and food security
Mar 20 Dr. Qingzhi Zhu
Stony Brook
Small scale biogeochemical heterogeneity of the seafloor revealed by planar optical sensors
Mar 27 Dr. Jill Lipoti
Using the Barnegat Bay Restoration as a model for watershed protection and enhancement
Apr 3 Dr. Bo Hu
University of Minnesota - Twin Cities
A new method to harvest microalgae via fungal pelletization
Apr 10 Dr. Jason Kelsey
Muhlenberg College
Effects of species interaction on bioaccumuation
of DDE from soil
Apr 17 Dr. Kalyanaram Gurumurthy
Amrita School of Business
Non-market valuation and ethical preferences: A study of choices in public environmental goods
Apr 24 Dr Evert Elzinga
Rutgers Newark
Control of aqueous Mn(II) on the mineralogy and structure of solid phase Mn-oxides
Sep 13 Dr. Dawn Digrus
Stevens Institute of Technology
Sustainable agriculuture and water management along the Santa Elena Penninsula: A Historical Approach
Sep 20 Dr. Louise Wootton
Georgian Court University
Current research into invasive dune plants
and dune ecosystems 
Sep 27 Michael Catania
Conservation Resources, Inc
Innovative funding of conservation projects:
The adventures of a conservation intermediary 
Oct 4 Lisanne Renner
Friends of Anderson Park
Before 'Green' was a buzzword: The olmsteds, green space, and resoring the Anderson Park in Montclair
Oct 11 Dr. Xingmao Ma
Southern Illinois University
Interactions of engineered nanoparticles and plants: Some insights on the sustainable development of nanotechnology
Oct 18 Thomas Phelan
Eng-Wong, Taub and Associates
Doing it right:
Integrating land use and transportation planning
Oct 25 John Petralia
Long Beach Island Foundation
Putting science in the LBI Foundation for the Arts and Sciences 
Nov 1 Dr. Sunil Bhaskaran
Bronyx Community College - CUNY
Near real-time mapping of terrestrial features using imaging spectroscopy techniques
Nov 8 Kathleen Duca-Sandberg
Seron Hall University
The demise of the Tocks Island Dam: Environmental war or the war in Vietnam
Nov 15 Dr. Flavia Alaya
Ramapo College of New Jersey
The disappearing Aral Sea: Whose disaster is it anyway?
Nov 29 Dr. Laying Wu
Montclair State University
Application of electron microscopy technology in material and environmental sciences
Dec 6 Eric Stern
Batelle Memorial Institute
Sustainable sediment environmental management applications in complex environmental systems
Dec 13 Dr. Liping Wei
New Jersey Institute of Technology
Microalgae and it's interfacing with nanotechnology
Jan 25 Dr. Wei Wu
Earth Systems Modeling faculty candidate
Modeling ecosysyem processes under
environmental disturbances
Feb 8 Pankaj Lal
Environmental Economics faculty candidate
Modeling future of U.S. southern forests
in the face of bioenergy markets
Feb 10 Dr. Kristina Anderson-Tiexiera
Earth Systems Modeling faculty candidate
Modeling as a useful tool to understand ecosystem dynamics
Feb 21 Dr. Clement Alo
Earth Systems Modeling faculty candidate
Regional earth system prediction:
a crucial step on the path to sustainability
Feb 22 Dr. Heather Sander
Environmental Economics faculty candidate
Geospatial and economic approaches to predicting
the impacts of policy on land use and ecosystem service delivery
Mar 8 Dr. Avinandan Mukherejee / Jill Montague
School of Business
A comparison of environmental advertising claims:
What resonates with consumers?
Mar 22 Lawerence Malizzi
Matrix New World
Natural Resource Advisor Program as part of the Deepwater Horizon (MC252) Spill Response in the Gulf of Mexico
Mar 29 Margaert O'Gorman
Conserve Wildlife Foundation of New Jersey
New Jersey's rare and imperiled wildlife:
A surprising biodiversity in a heavily urbanized state.
Apr 5 David Golden
NJ Division of Fish and Wildlife
Protecting rare species and their habitats in the Garden State:
Case studies on the state-threatened northern pine snake
Apr 12 Robert Spiegel
Edison Wetlands Association
Promoting environmental justice through
New Jersey toxic cleanups
Apr 16 Poster Presentations  
Apr 26 Graduating PhD student presentations:
Aimann Sadik and Shevon Letang
Sep 7 Michael Pawlish Cleaning up oil in the Gulf
Sep 14 Dr. Duke Ophori
Montclair State University
Development of a Groundwater Simulation Model for
the Central Passaic River Basin, New Jersey
Sep 21 Dr. Sandra Passchier
Montclair State University
Antarctic ice dynamics from ocean drilling and
its effect on New Jersey's coasts
Sep 28 Dr. Stefanie Brachfeld
Montclair State University
The LARsen Ice Shelf System, Antarctic Program: An International Polar Year Project along the Antarctic Peninsula
Oct 5 Mr. John Fox
Innovation Fuels
Sustainability of biofuels
Oct 12 Dr. Debdas Ray
Fulbright Fellow, University of Calcutta, India
Arsenic contamination in groundwater of Bengal Basin:
Source, migration, and mitigation – An appraisal
Oct 19 Mr. Mark Zdepski
JMZ Geology
Environmental Cleanup, Closure and RCRA
Corrective Action at a Secondary Lead Smelter, Newark, NJ
Oct 26 Dr. Kevin Farley
Manhattan College
Transport and Bioaccumulation of PCBs, Dioxins, Furans and PAHs in New York-New Jersey Harbor
Nov 9 Mr. Kenneth Armellino
Covanta Energy
From waste to energy: A sustainable solution
Nov 16 Dr. Sudipta Rakshit
EAES Temporary Assistant Professor
Oxytetracycline Sorption at the Magnetite-Water Interface
Nov 23 Ms. Peg McBrien
The Louis Berger Group
The unique challenges and benefits of NJ wetlands
and stream restoration projects
Nov 30 Dr. Peter Ashley
US Dept. of Housing and Urban Development
Promoting Healthy Homes at HUD:
Research Findings and Policy Initiatives
Dec 7 Dr. Francisco Artigas
Meadowlands Environmental Research Institute
Remote sensing techniques for long term vegetation cover
and water quality monitoring
Dr. Robin Nagle
New York University
Gotham and it’s garbage:
History of the New York City Department of Sanitation
Dr. Lee Newman
Brookhaven National Lab
Using plants to address environmental issues
Dr. Mahmood Barbooti
University of Technology, Baghdad, Iraq
Environmental site assessment:
Basic considerations and case studies from Iraq
Dr. Yang Deng
University of Puerto Rico
Explore zero-valent Iron (ZVI)/ Dioxygen (O2) Oxidative
system for environmental remediation
Mr. Lawrence Malizzi
Matrix New World Engineering, Inc.
The use of prospective restoration in the
settlement of natural resource damage (NRD) caims
2nd March Dr. Dingfei Hu
University of Iowa
Environmental source and phytoremediation
of Polychlorinated Biphenyls (PCBs)
9th March Mr. James Rossi
NYC Department of Environmental Protection
The Staten Island Bluebelt: An overview
of a unique urban storm water management system
23rd  March Dr. Dan Van
Abs New Jersey Highlands Council
Applying Science through Policy in the New Jersey Highlands
30th March Dr. Tait Chirenje
Richard Stockton College
A greenhouse gas inventory and other sustainability projects
at the Richard Stockton college campus
Mr. Michael Nwachwukwu
PhD Candidate, Environmental Management
Assessment of heavy metals contamination in soil and the management of occupational wastes in automobile mechanic villages, Imo River basin, Nigeria
13th  April Mr. Seth Xeflide
PhD Candidate, Environmental Management
An assessment of the surface water resources potential
of New Jersey
Mr. Ben Witherell
PhD Candidate, Environmental Management
Protecting New Jersey Water Quality: Analysis of recent changes to how the Clean Water Act is implemented in New Jersey
27th  April Dr. Mahmood M. Barbooti Recovering from the Iraqi War:
The Impact on the Environment and Health