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Procurement Services

Procurement Services is committed to professionally and ethically procuring the best valued products and services in a timely manner and in accordance with the Montclair State Act and the University’s Procurement Policies and Procedures.

Below is a guide outlining the Procurement Process at Montclair State University and how to obtain goods and services according to the aforementioned policies and procedures. Please refer to this guide when purchasing questions arise.

Important Changes to Procurement & P-Card Policies and Procedures – 8/5/20

New Requirement for Purchases over $150,000

Executive Order 166, signed by Governor Murphy, requires all purchases of $150,000 or more made after July 17, 2020 and that may involve COVID-19 Recovery Funds and/or a COVID-19 Recovery Program, to be submitted to the Office of the State Comptroller for approval before the procurement process can begin.  The Procurement Services Department will submit all requests, on behalf of the University community, for review by the OSC.  The OSC will respond within 10 business days if the procurement process complies with applicable legal requirements, or notify Procurement Services of changes required.  It is imperative that all procurements follow the University’s Procurement Policies and Procedures which can be found here:

Executive Order 166 is intended to bring public transparency to procurements and the use of state and federal funds for COVID-19 recovery efforts.  These procedures must be followed even if using a state contract, GSA contract or National Cooperative contract to purchase Covid-19 goods or services until notified otherwise. Failure to follow the procurement process correctly may result in the University failing to obtain funds or a requirement to return previously awarded funds under a COVID-19 Recovery Program.

Please contact Christine Palma or Tony Markowsky at if you have any questions or need assistance.

P-Card Holders Must Submit Receipts for All Purchases

Effective immediately, P-card holders are required to submit receipts for all purchases against the p-card in Workday.  In addition, it is the cardholder’s responsibility to verify in Workday that the charge is correct, and attach a receipt to the transaction. Verification by the cardholder and receipt submission in Workday must take place by the end of the billing cycle, which is the last business day of each month.  Failure to comply with this requirement will result in the suspension of the P-Card which limits future purchases.  P-card holders are also reminded that P-card purchases must follow all other University Procurement Policies and Procedures and should only be used for relatively small purchases for which other procurement methods may not be practical.  Please direct questions about the P-Card policy to Elizabeth Blades at or Christine Palma

Contact Information

Procurement Services Department
Montclair State University
150 Clove Road, 3rd Floor
Little Falls, NJ 07424

Telephone: 973-655-4145
Fax: 973-655-5468

Bidding Opportunities

More Procurement Bidding Opportunities

Bidding Opportunities posted on this page will appear on or after the public bid advertisement is placed in the Star Ledger.

NOTE: Potential Bidders, please refer to the formal bid advertisement as posted in the Star Ledger for Request for Proposal specific requirements, including time and dates for pre-bid meeting and bid openings.

Fraud Alert to Suppliers

An unauthorized person has been using the University’s name and credit references in an attempt to open accounts with vendors across the country. The credit reference letter is generally an altered version of the one previously used by the University, and the person(s) refers to themselves as being “Christine Palma, Executive Associate Director from Montclair State University.” The ship-to addresses are to out-of-state locations having no relationship to the University. This is fraudulent and should be reported to If you receive any suspicious communications indicating it is from Montclair State University and requesting that the merchandise be shipped out of state, please contact 973-655-4423 immediately. Thank you for your cooperation.