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Procurement Services

Procurement Services is committed to professionally and ethically procuring the best valued products and services in a timely manner and in accordance with the Montclair State Act and the University’s Procurement Policies and Procedures.

Below is a guide outlining the Procurement Process at Montclair State University and how to obtain goods and services according to the aforementioned policies and procedures. Please refer to this guide when purchasing questions arise.

**Important Changes to Montclair State University Bidding Thresholds & Requirements**

The State of New Jersey has recently changed the dollar thresholds for public bidding. In accordance with these changes, the University also revised its Procurement Policies and Procedures to reflect as such. Below is a summary of the values that have changed and requirements for each. As stated, these changes can also be described in the University’s Procurement Policies and Procedures found here.

Contract/‌Purchase Value Requirements and/or Recommendations
$2,000 and Under One (1) written proposal of services or goods is required from University departments making purchases.
$2,001 – $6,999 University departments are not required, but is recommended, to solicit two (2) competitive proposals to ensure that the University is receiving the highest quality product or service at the lowest price. Proposals must be received in writing.
$7,000 – $35,499 University departments are required to solicit at least three (3) competitive proposals for the goods or services they are seeking. Proposals must be received in writing.
$35,500 and Above University departments are required to work with Procurement Services on crafting specifications for a publicly bid Request for Proposal or RFP Waiver of Advertising to obtain the goods or services being sought.
$500,000 and Above University Board of Trustees Approval is required for all procurements whether or not they were publicly bid or considered a RFP Waiver of Advertising.

Please also be aware that the New Jersey State dollar threshold for a Business Registration Certificate (BRC) has also changed. The new dollar amount requiring a University supplier to obtain a BRC is  $5,325. A New Jersey Business Registration Certificate is needed for all University suppliers that will reach this dollar amount within the current fiscal year – either through a one-time spend with the University or through accumulative purchases.

Contact Information

Procurement Services Department
Montclair State University
150 Clove Road, 3rd Floor
Little Falls, NJ 07424

Telephone: 973-655-4145
Fax: 973-655-5468

Bidding Opportunities

More Procurement Bidding Opportunities

Bidding Opportunities posted on this page will appear on or after the public bid advertisement is placed in the Star Ledger.

NOTE: Potential Bidders, please refer to the formal bid advertisement as posted in the Star Ledger for Request for Proposal specific requirements, including time and dates for pre-bid meeting and bid openings.

Fraud Alert to Suppliers

An unauthorized person has been using the University’s name and credit references in an attempt to open accounts with vendors across the country. The credit reference letter is generally an altered version of the one previously used by the University, and the person(s) refers to themselves as being “Christine Palma, Executive Associate Director from Montclair State University.” The ship-to addresses are to out-of-state locations having no relationship to the University. This is fraudulent and should be reported to If you receive any suspicious communications indicating it is from Montclair State University and requesting that the merchandise be shipped out of state, please contact 973-655-4423 immediately. Thank you for your cooperation.