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PhD student receives prestigious award from the American Water Works Association

Junkui Cui, working with Dr. Yang Deng, was awarded the Tracey G. Liberi Drinking Water Careers Scholarship for his work with ferrate(VI).

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Environmental Management PhD student Junkui Cui
Environmental Science and Management PhD student Junkui Cui in the lab

Junkui was granted this award due to his pioneering research on harnessing ferrate(VI)-resultant particles for addressing multiple traditional and emerging pollutants in drinking water. This dissertation research has a potential to revolutionize the current drinking water production practices in the United States. The technology can concurrently remove a variety of chemical and microbial pollutants for improving our water quality, while reducing the physical footprint and costs of drinking water treatment.

The Tracey G. Liberi Drinking Water Careers Memorial Scholarship is for undergraduate students currently enrolled in an institution of higher education (beyond high school) and entering sophomore, junior or senior year of college, or students currently enrolled in graduate school, vocational/technical or trade school. Tracey Liberi was an active AWWA member and a professional engineer at SUEZ Water for over 20 years. Tracey was especially dedicated to encouraging young women to work in the water industry and to pursue engineering as a career. AWWA NJ is proud to name this Scholarship in Tracey’s honor.

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Junkui Cui’s recent work on ferrate, Emergency Water Treatment with Ferrate(VI) in Response to Natural Disasters, earned him the honor this year.