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Dr. Yang Deng named University Distinguished Scholar

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Dr. Yang Deng in his lab

Dr. Deng is an environmental engineer who specializes in the development of innovative and sustainable water treatment technologies to clean wastewater, stormwater runoff, and landfill leachate in order to protect drinking water and groundwater supplies from toxic metals, organic pollutants, water-borne pathogens, and excess nutrients. Dr. Deng has secured over $2M in funding for his research, has authored/co-authored 115 peer reviewed articles and book chapters, and has a strong record of mentoring Montclair State University undergraduate, masters, and doctoral students, high school interns from across New Jersey, and early career scientists from around the world.

The University Distinguished Scholar award will provide Dr. Deng with a one-semester research leave, during which he and his research group will study persistent organic pollutants known as “forever chemicals,” compounds that are highly resistant to traditional methods of chemical, biological, and photolytic degradation. Examples include pesticides, herbicides, and organic chemicals used in a wide range of manufacturing processes The persistence of these compounds poses risks to human health and the environment. More effective treatments are urgently needed to effectively remove these compounds during waste and waste water treatment processes. Dr. Deng’s research semester will allow him to develop and test a new water treatment technology that targets these compounds.

Dr. Deng joins seven CSAM colleagues who have previously earned University Distinguished Scholar honors, a group that the CSAM Dean’s Office believes will continue to grow given the large number of deserving candidates in our college.

Previous Recipients

Fiscal Year Distinguished Scholar Department
2021 Yang Deng Earth & Environmental Studies
2020 Laura Lakusta Psychology
2019 Not Awarded
2018 Not Awarded
2017 Deniz Ozenbas Accounting and Finance
2016 Chunguang Du Biology
2015 Elizabeth del Alamo Art and Design
2014 Aihua Li Mathematics
2013 Yasemin Besen-Cassino Sociology
2012 Cynthia Eller3 Philosophy and Religion
2011 Not Awarded
2010 Fawzia Afzal-Khan English
2009 Lora Billings Mathematics
2008 Paul Arthur2 English
2007 Zhaodong Feng3 Earth & Environmental Studies
2006 Stefanie Brachfeld Earth & Environmental Studies
2005 Opoku Agyeman1 Political Science
2004 Nancy Goldring Art & Design
2003 Barbara Chasin1 Sociology
2002 Monika Elbert English
2001 George Martin1 Sociology
2000 Agnes O’Connell2 Psychology
1999 Carole Stone1 English
1998 Ernestine Schlant 1 German/Russian
1997 Barry Jacobs1 English
1996 Matthew Lipman2 Philosophy/Religion
1995 Lois Oppenheim French
1994 Rhoda Unger1 Psychology
1993 Jo Anne Engelbert1 Spanish/Italian
1992 David Townsend Psychology
1992 Ludwik Kowalski1 Physics/Geoscience
1991 Paul Locher1 Psychology
1991 Naomi Liebler English
1990 Amy Srebnick1 History
1990 John (Jack) Isidor1 Chemistry
1989 Avram Kampf1 Fine Arts
1989 Richard Franke1 Anthropology
1988 Francesco Cordasco1 Educational Foundations
1988 Maurice Cagnon1 French

1 Retired; 2 Deceased; 3 Resigned