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Doctoral student invited as shipboard scientist to investigate climate change

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JOIDES Resolution docked
Victoria Hojnacki, a doctoral student in Environmental Science and Management, will sail on the deep-sea drilling vessel, the JOIDES Resolution, for 2 months in Summer 2022 with the International Ocean Discovery Program (IODP). The objective of the IODP Expedition 393 to the South Atlantic Ocean is to obtain samples from oceanic crust at an underwater mountain range, and to analyze the sediments that cover the ridge for effects of climate change in the Atlantic Ocean. Victoria’s doctoral dissertation research investigates the effects of Antarctic ice growth on ocean circulation in the South Atlantic using geological archives. She is currently working with Dr. Sandra Passchier in the department of Earth and Environmental Studies as a research assistant sponsored by the National Science Foundation.

Participation in this IODP expedition will allow Victoria to expand her research skills and to work collaboratively with an international team of scientists.

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