AED Information

Montclair State University recently installed Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) in all of it's main campus buildings. These AEDs are used in emergencies when someone does not have a pulse and is not breathing. AEDs are used to correct electrical problems in the heart.

A picture of an AED on the wall with the door opened.

When Should They Be Used?

Automatic External Defibrillators should only be used in a situation when someone is unconcious, not breathing and does not have a pulse, in conjunction with CPR. If there is ever any doubt if the person has a pulse or is breathing, these machines can be used as well.

How Do I Use an AED?

All AEDs on campus are equipped with easy to follow voice instructions that start when the AED lid is opened. The AED will begin to analyze a person when the AED pads are attached to them.

If you are in a situation on campus where someone does not have a pulse or is not breathing, please follow these steps:

  • Call 911 or Campus Police.
  • Remove the AED from the wall unit (an alarm will sound) and open the lid.
  • Open and apply the AED pads that are connected to the machine.
  • Follow the voice instructions provided by the AED unit.
  • Begin or continue to administer CPR when the AED instructs you.

Where Are These AEDs Located?

In addition to being located in all Montclair State Police cars and Emergency Medical Services ambulances, AEDs can be found in the following locations:

Building LocationLocation Within Building
1515 Broad Street Main Reception
Abbott and Costello 2nd Floor Office
Alice Paul Hall 1st Floor Elevator
Ben Samuels Children Center Nurses Office
Blanton Hall Food Court lobby
Bohn Hall Admin Office Hallway
Bohn Hall Behind desk
CELS Building 1st Floor
Center for Clinical Services Main Reception
Chapin Hall 1st Floor Elevator
Count Basie Hall 1st Floor Elevator
Dinallo Heights 1st floor desk
Drop In Center Side Room
Feliciano School of Business 1st Floor bathrooms
Fenwick Hall 1st Floor Elevator
Finley Hall 1st Floor
Freeman Hall 1st Floor Elevator
Hawk Crossing Laundry Room
Kasser Theater Lobby by Elevator
Life Hall 1st Floor Entrance
Machuga Heights Main Lobby Desk
Maintenance Building Main Office
Memorial Auditorium Ticket Window
Morehead Hall Main Floor Elevators
Overlook Corporate Center Main Reception
Panzer Athletic Center 1 Gym
Panzer Athletic Center 2 Pool
Partridge Hall 1st Floor Elevator
Richardson Hall 1st Floor Lobby
Russ Hall 1st Floor Elevator
Schmitt Hall 1st Floor Lobby
School of Nursing 3rd Floor Elevator
Science Building 1st Floor Lobby
Sinatra Hall 1st Floor Elevator
Sprague Library 1st Floor Lobby
Stone Hall 1st floor desk
Student Center 1st Floor Main Stairwell
Student Center 2nd Floor Main Stairwell
Student Center 3rd Floor Elevator
Student Center 4th Floor Elevator
Student Center Annex Main Lobby
Student Recreation Center - Backpack 1 Recreation Center Office
Student Recreation Center - Backpack 2 Recreation Center Office
Student Recreation Center - Backpack 3 Recreation Center Office
Student Recreation Center 1st Floor By Pool
Student Recreation Center 2nd Floor By Desk
University Hall 1st Floor Main Lobby Desk
University Hall 3rd Floor Main Stairwell
University Hall 7th Floor Main Lobby
Webster Hall Main Lobby Desk
Williams Hall 1st Floor Elevator

More Information

For more information on the AED units and to see a demo, please view the video below:

Training is available in CPR, AED, and first aid by contacting Montclair State University EMS.  There are multiple options available for training including in class courses and hybrid learning programs.
Any questions, please contact Jacqueline Lawrence, Director of EMS at Ext. 7836 or any questions can be directed to the AED program e-mail at