Red Hawk Ready Medical Alert Program

What is the Red Hawk Ready Program?

The Red Hawk Ready (RHR) Medical Alert Program is an emergency alert system for Montclair State University students, staff and faculty with medical conditions, allergies, medications or communication issues. The RHR Program members obtain an alert card and sticker that would allow EMS to obtain their medical information in case of an emergency when they are unable to give information.

How Does the Program Work?

Your medical information kit contains two important pieces when you pick it up. The first item in the kit is your medical information card. This card should be completed with current information and should be kept on you at all times. The second item in your kit is your medical alert sticker. This sticker should be placed on your University ID, without obstructing pertinent information, such as name, photo or the barcode/strip. If for some reason EMS is unable to communicate with you, the EMTs or University PD will look for your University ID and license. When EMS or PD identifies the medical alert sticker, they will know to look for your medical information card. This card will provide EMS with vital information that would assist them in your care. EMS will do their best to accommodate your requests, but clinical judgment will be used when making decisions.

How Do I Enroll?

Pick up your Red Hawk Ready Program kit at the following locations:

More Information

If you have any questions regarding the Red Hawk Ready Medical Alert Card program, please feel free to contact:

Director of Emergency Medical Services
EMS Operations Office, 973-655-7836
Student Center Annex, Room 209