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Bianca Cancino, Class of 2014

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Bianca Cancino

Published April 2014

English major Bianca Perez-Cancino leaves Montclair State University for Indiana, where she will join Indiana University’s highly regarded English doctoral program, intent on realizing her dream of becoming an English professor.  With minors in both Journalism and Spanish, Bianca has focused on Victorian Literature, studying closely with Prof. Lee Behlman.  Bianca writes that “her relationship with literary scholarship began at MSU. Montclair State University’s classrooms. It was in these classrooms that a long standing love for literature developed into a true vocation. My humanities education hasn’t only given me many opportunities for success but as the word suggests it has helped to make me a better human.” A transfer student from one of New Jersey’s community colleges, Bianca thanks both her family and her many dedicated professors at MSU for giving her the support that will enable her to turn her “passion into a profession.”  We bid Bianca farewell and good luck in achieving her goal of helping “students make personal connections to the wonderful literature of the Victorian period.”