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English Major Audit (EMA) Instructions and Login

The EMA program will allow you to view your progress in the major.

It will permit you to keep track of your major classes and to see which requirements are complete and which still need to be fulfilled. You may search all previous English courses. First time users must register and then log in. See pages below.

Note: Students entering the English major before Fall 2018 must register in the EMA system and complete an English Major Audit in order to graduate.

Students entering the major in Fall 2018 or later may use the EMA as a database for information on courses and requirements, but do not need to register or complete an English Major Audit.

To assure accurate English audits please print out a recent copy of your Transcript and Audit from DegreeWorks.

Please remember that EMA is a tool for advisement in the major. DegreeWorks is the official record of your academic progress.

The unofficial undergraduate course descriptions in EMA are supplemental to the official descriptions in the university catalog and on DegreeWorks. As extensions of the instructors’ syllabi, they describe the content of each course section and list which major requirements each section will satisfy. Because two different instructors may teach the same course somewhat differently, or the same instructor may change the readings or emphasis of a course from semester to semester, students may notice some variations from instructor to instructor and from semester to semester regarding which requirements a course satisfies.