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New This Fall: English Plus

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For fall 2018, the Department of English is offering new programs for students.

English + Film Studies

Students with a particular interest in the interconnections between film and literature are encouraged to pursue a 12-credit film concentration within the English major. Those who study film alongside fiction, poetry and drama have a more comprehensive understanding of modern cultural history and questions of representation.

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English + Creative Writing

Like to write literature as well as read it? Now you can take a 12-credit creative writing concentration as part of your English major, choosing among fiction, poetry, creative nonfiction, memoir and other workshops. Find out not just what a text means but also how it does that.

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English + MA Degree

Ambitious students entering the English major can now apply for a five-year dual-degree program and earn an MA in English with only one additional year of study. Students can cap off their undergraduate studies with more intensive graduate-level work under the supervision of a faculty of nationally recognized scholars.

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