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The English Club Launches “The Playne English Podcast”

Posted in: English Department

logo for the Playne English podcast. Brown background, wtih title in a circle around a drawing of a quill pen

The English Club recently launched a new podcast, The Playne English Podcast,  available on Spotify. In their first episode, “The Value of an English Degree,” Faith Monesteri, Rosemary Rodriguez, and Kiara Oelkers speak with Dr. Jeffrey Gonzalez, Assistant Professor of English.

The podcast begins with an introductory round where each member tells us why they chose English as their major. They have acquired writing skills that are very useful in any class or even outside of academics with personal or creative writing. Gonzalez discusses a survey by the publishers of the Norton Anthology where graduates with an English degree learned “an expanded worldview,” “communication and creativity,” and “collaboration.” There is also a common misconception that all English majors become teachers, but they can do so much more and work in several different fields. An English degree is valuable particularly in the working world because of their communicative skills, reading comprehension, and writing skills.

Listen to the first episode of The Playne English Podcast here.