Photo of MS in Athletic Training students standing in front of Rocky statue on campus.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How many students are admitted each year?

A: The program has a capacity of 24 students in each cohort year.

Q: Do you allow part-time status?

A: Generally speaking, we do not recommend it but may allow it in special cases and only after discussion with the faculty.

Q: If accepted, what is the next step?

A: Students will receive a welcome email from the Program Director and Clinical Education Coordinator with instructions for course registration, fingerprinting, background check, and the program handbook.

Q: Do I need a car for the program?

A: While it is not a requirement and public transportation is available to most clinical sites used, it may limit the locations of your clinical experiences.

Q: Can I hold a job while in the program?

A: While having a job is possible, we do recommend that you limit your work hours during the program or schedule your work around your clinical experiences.

Q: I have a degree in another health profession. Can I enter this program and can some of those classes count toward the degree?

A: We are open to accepting applicants of all types and are willing to evaluate transcripts on an individual basis. The graduate school does have a policy that limits the number of courses than can be transferred in from another institution that would affect how many courses can be accepted.

Q: Are there additional out of pocket expenses?

A: Please refer to this chart for some of the expected out of pocket program costs.

Q: Is on campus housing and financial aid available?

A: Please refer to Financial Aid and Housing for information on these topics.