Doctoral Students Graduating

Dissertation Final Review Checklist

As described in the Doctoral Dissertation Procedures and Guidelines, after successfully defending your dissertation and making the necessary revisions, you are required to submit your document to The Graduate School. Before submitting your Dissertation for final review by The Graduate School, answer the following questions for yourself or with your Chair:

  • Have I made all necessary changes as indicated by my committee after my defense?
  • Has my Chair approved this document as my final copy?
  • Have I spell-checked the document?
  • Have I spot checked the Table of Contents with the actual content of the document?
  • Does the Table of Contents look clean and professional?
  • Does the Abstract adhere to my style manual?
  • Are all the margins 1″ throughout the ENTIRE document?
  • Are all figures, tables, or images contained within the margins?
  • Is all font Times New Roman, size 12, unless otherwise indicated in my style manual?
  • Is the content of the document appropriately and consistently justified (i.e. left justified for the majority of the text, centered for headers as indicated by my style manual, etc.)?
  • Have all blank pages and/or extraneous spacing been removed from my document?
  • Are heading styles consistent throughout the document?
  • Have I adhered to my style manual?
  • Are my references punctuated and spaced correctly?

If you’ve answered NO to any of these questions: Please revise your document as necessary. If the document is submitted with any of the basic issues listed above, it will be returned to you.

If you’ve answered YES to all of these questions: Please send a .doc or .docx version of your document to for review. Note that your document may still be returned to you for small edits at this stage, but addressing the questions listed above will make the process move more quickly.