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Application Review

After your application has been submitted and all required supplemental materials have been received, The Graduate Admissions  team will begin to review your application. If your program has an application deadline, it is your responsibility to ensure that all required materials have been received prior to the deadline. If your program has Rolling Admissions, your completed application will be reviewed on a rolling basis until the program is full. All supporting materials will be entered into the application system within one week of receipt. If your online application does not indicate that a supporting document has been received, please give The Graduate Admissions office an additional 2-3 days to be updated before contacting us.

Confidentiality of the Application Process

The Office of Graduate Admissions is required by federal law to maintain the confidentiality of both the information submitted in support of an application and the application’s status. If personal circumstances require a representative to contact Graduate Admissions on your behalf, a signed letter (or email) that formally designates the person as your proxy will be required. Without this letter (or email), we are unable to discuss the application with a third party.

Reviewing Your Application

Once your application has been received along with all of the supplemental materials, it will generally take two to four weeks for the review process to be completed. However, if additional steps, i.e. an admission interview or audition, are required as part of your application, the process may take longer. Programs with application deadlines will not begin the review process until after the deadline has passed.

Admission Decisions

Once an admission decision has been made, you will receive notification via email and will be able to access your official letter on your Portal. The Office of Graduate Admissions does not release admission decisions over the phone, and correspondence with a department or individual faculty member is not considered a formal offer of admission.

Graduate Program Coordinators

A resource for both prospective and recently admitted students, the Graduate Program Coordinators (GPC) can help students in the early stages of exploring which program is right for them. The GPC will provide students with detailed information regarding an intended course of study. They will also help you with course selection, overall curriculum planning, research opportunities, and career goals. Please refer to the list of Graduate Program Coordinators to find the name and contact information for the Graduate Program Coordinator / Doctoral Program Director for your program.

Students with Special Needs

Services are available for graduate students with special needs. For more information, please contact the Disability Resource Center of the Students with Disabilities Office at 973-655-5431.