Nursing students posing with Rocky the Red Hawk at the School of Nursing Convocation.
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Montclair State School of Nursing Introduces “Stop the Bleed and Start the Heart” Program

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School of Nursing students participating in the Stop the Bleed program.

Montclair State University School of Nursing is committed to providing our surrounding community with practical health education. The “Stop the Bleed & Start the Heart” program teaches attendees how to control bleeding and perform quality Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) in a lifesaving emergency situation. Our knowledgeable faculty and students will be leading the way with community outreach to bring these lessons to you.

“Stop the Bleed & Start the Heart” is a nationwide movement that aims to teach everyone how to be a first responder in a bleeding emergency, whether the bleeding is caused by a kitchen accident or a large scale disaster. Being able to control external bleeding is key to victim survival. A two hour, mostly hands on course teaches participants how to apply tourniquets and direct pressure, and to bandage wounds.

CPR is another skill that can save a life. In a cardiovascular emergency, victims have seconds to minutes to have blood and oxygen circulated to their vital organs in order to survive. Basic CPR allows friends and family to provide lifesaving circulation until help arrives. CPR skills are taught using American Heart Association Friends and Family program. Only two hours are needed to learn this life saving skill.

Members of your group will receive this lifesaving training for free. Certificates will be issued to all participants. Group sizes ranging from 10-20 can easily be accommodated, with a total of four hours needed for the entire “Stop the Bleed & Start the Heart” program.

Please feel free to contact John Gurriell at the School of Nursing to request more information:

John Gurriell
Montclair State University
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