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Advising Careers in Political Science and Jurisprudence, Law and Society


If You Are Interested In Careers In…. Faculty Areas of Expertise
Research, Think Tank, Law, Journalism Tony Spanakos Comparative politics, international relations, political theory- democratization, south-south relations, Chinese relations with Latin America, Latin American Politics, Popular Culture and Philosophy,
Social Media Analyst; State Government; Food Industry; Journalism; Law; Data Analyst; Technology Industry; Law Antoinette Pole Social media, New York State Politics, food and politics
Law, History, Insurance industry Ian Drake Constitution law and history, English legal history, tort law, individual rights, intellectual property, insurance law, animal rights, political theory
International Relations, Diplomacy, Non-Profit Organizations, African Politics, AfriCom, International Criminal Court (ICC) Daniel Mengara Governments and Politics of Africa, African Literature in French and English, African history, traditional and indigenous African political systems, Politics of Gabon, Africa in the global economy, the Françafrique system, Black South African literature, Postcolonial Studies, African Studies, French Political history from Enlightenment > Present, the Negritude Movement, Caribbean Literature in French (Haiti, Martinique, Guadeloupe), the Trans-Atlantic African slave trade, Fang oral literature, Colonialism, Mass Culture in France and French popular culture since the Belle Epoque
Law, Court, State, Local, Federal government. State, Local, Federal bureaucracy, Law Office, public policy, public administration, constitutional law, criminal law or procedure. Criminal, Family, Civil Court, Family Law, First Amendment, Child welfare, Accountability Ariel Alvarez Constitutional law, criminal law, criminal procedure, public administration, public law, administrative law, contract law, family law, American Government, child welfare, litigation strategy to reform a public entity, accountability in public child welfare, Jurisprudence, Legal Theory, Public Policy
Diplomacy and International Organizations. Alfredo Toro Carnevali International Peace and Security, Diplomacy, United Nations, Government and Politics of Latin America, Developing World Politics.
Elected or appointed office, as congressional aide or policy staffer, working for state legislators, municipal government; campaign staffer (field work, advance, policy, fundraising, communications); working for political parties, interest groups; political print and electronic journalism and communications; polling. Brigid Callahan Harrison American politics, New Jersey politics, campaigns and elections, political communication, public opinion, political parties, interest groups, media and technology, Millennial and Gen Z politics, state and local government, policy
Research, Advocacy, Journalism Benjamin Nienass Political Theory, Democratic Theory, European Politics, Politics of Migration
Survey Research, Think Tanks Zsolt Nyiri Comparative Politics, European Politics, Transatlantic Relations, Survey Research Methodology
Research, Advocacy, Law, Journalism, Communications, Business Elizabeth Wishnick International Relations, Intelligence and National Security, Politics and Government of China and Japan, International Relations in Asia, Global Environmental Politics, Globalization and Security