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Projecting Our Brand Identity

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Montclair State University Presidential Logo

Dear Red Hawks,

As a public-serving research university that provides a diverse student body with access to an affordable and excellent education, delivered innovatively by faculty and staff members who are incredibly dedicated, Montclair has a lot to be proud of. Students and families who understand the value we provide are drawn to us in increasing numbers, propelling our enrollment to record levels.

We are well known in New Jersey, and our reputation is growing beyond our state’s borders. Yet our research suggests that although many people know our name and think well of us, they’re less familiar with what makes this institution so distinctive.

To support our goal of becoming better known, it is critically important that we tell a consistent story about who we are, and that we present a consistent image. At present our identity is fragmented. There are multiple different logos in use all over our campus, from signage, to video screens and vehicles. Students have commented to me that they think this detracts from the impression we are making, and I agree with them. It is now time to completely retire this potpourri of logos and adopt one consistent visual identity.

Therefore, I am announcing today that we will adopt a refreshed version of the University’s logo effective Tuesday, August 15.

Every division, college and school will be given a new logo that derives from the primary University logo and asked to begin using it on everything they control or produce, printed material, stationery and name badges, websites and social media.

University Communications and Marketing will oversee and support the conversion. Most of the changes will take effect August 15, but vehicles and signs require more time and are scheduled to be converted by December 1.

The updated logo’s layout calls attention to the word Montclair, and its classic typeface, Optima, which has been used to represent the University for many decades, signifies the institution’s long history and its strength and substance.

Our full name will remain Montclair State University, and I would like us to simply use Montclair as our short name, rather than “Montclair State.”

Referring to the institution as “Montclair State” alone downplays our dedication to excellence in research, inquiry and knowledge creation. “University” clearly connotes this dedication – and the firm belief that access and inclusion are paired with academic excellence at Montclair.

I prefer “Montclair” as our short name for many reasons. It is the one constant across the many names we have had since our founding in 1908. It is unique among the world’s universities, and it calls attention to our advantageous location in the Township of Montclair, a well-educated, desirable and inclusive community. It aligns us with the many excellent universities that are recognized by a single name, both here in New Jersey and around the world. And it is easy to remember and pronounce, an advantage when communicating to those who do not have English as their first language, including the growing number of international students who are interested in joining us.

Many other elements of our institutional identity are not changing. We will remain the Red Hawks. The “fierce hawk” logo used by student organizations and club sports will not change, nor will the marks used by our intercollegiate athletics programs.

Bloomfield College of Montclair State University will continue to use the new logo it adopted on July 1 when it became part of the University. That design, which combines the former College logo with the name of the University, signifies Bloomfield’s mission to provide a distinctive student experience and honors its long history.

I am asking all members of the community to do their part in converting to the new look by August 15. Many uses of the logo are managed by units, such as video screens and flyers. I thank you in advance for your efforts. All of us will benefit from a consistent presentation of our University’s name and marks.

For more information, please visit the Branding web page. Questions may be directed to Vice President Joseph Brennan at or Creative Director Randi Rosh at