Branding and Visual Identity Guidelines


Big things happen when you set your sights high. At Montclair State, every moment is elevated – literally. Raising the bar is what we do. Leveling up is our status quo. We are reaching new heights in everything we offer, and we have no plans to slow our ascent. Up is our goal. Up is endless. We continually raise our ambitions so our students can reach theirs.

Elevate Your Tomorrow at Montclair State University
The “Elevate” video highlights the quality and resilience of the University’s students to prospective students and their families. The themes within also assure audiences that the institution will endure, even during troubling times. We acknowledge that the future may be uncertain, but one sentiment will always stay true: Montclair State is dedicated to uplifting students, and helping them reach greater heights, no matter what obstacles might stand in their way.


Empowering, inclusive, and committed to excellence, we are the public university that pulls students in and lifts them up.


Montclair State University is a celebrated public research university that empowers students, faculty and researchers to rise above their own expectations, giving them everything they need to go out and meet, reach and shape the world in ways that matter.

Brand Values

  1. High-profile excellence.
  2. Towering curiosity.
  3. Next-level inclusivity.
  4. Elevated opportunities.

Montclair State University has grown and transformed into a national research university that provides an excellent education at an affordable price and produces high-caliber research, scholarship and creative work.

To assure a clear, professional and consistent presentation of the University’s identity, the Office of University Communications and Marketing has established editorial and visual standards. By adhering to them, all members of the campus community help enhance the image of our University.

This document presents the official visual identity standards of Montclair State. It works in conjunction with the EDITORIAL STYLE GUIDE.

The Office of University Communications and Marketing stands ready to help all campus units implement these guidelines correctly. Please contact Randi Rosh at for any questions.

Last Modified: Thursday, October 15, 2020 12:25 pm