A teacher standing and students sitting on grass at Montclair State University Feliciano School of Business at Spring

University Brand

Montclair State University is an innovative public-serving research university that provides affordable access to a high quality educational experience in a welcoming environment. To represent its distinctive image in a consistent and authentic manner, the University has defined its brand messages and established visual and editorial standards.

All members of the campus community are asked to review the Brand Manual (PDF) and the related information on this website, and to follow these guidelines in order to help convey a clear, compelling and consistent image for the University.

The Division of University Communications and Marketing is responsible for stewarding the Montclair brand. We are happy to provide guidance and answer questions. Please contact us:

  • Brand messages and policies:  Joseph Brennan, vice president for communications and marketing
  • Visual identity, including logos, colors, fonts and photography: Randi Rosh, creative director
  • Editorial style:  Laura Griffin, editorial director

In August 2023, President Koppell announced updates to the University’s logo and preferred short name, changes that are intended to help sharpen Montclair’s distinctive position and enhance its national and global visibility.

The University’s Name

The University’s official legal name is Montclair State University. This full name is to be used on important documents such as contracts and diplomas.

The approved short name is Montclair. The preferred practice is to use the full name on first reference and the short name on second and subsequent references, alternating with the University.

“Montclair” is the one constant across the many names the institution has had since its founding in 1908. It is unique among the world’s universities, and it calls attention to our advantageous location in the Township of Montclair, an attractive, desirable and inclusive community. Calling an institution by a distinctive, memorable single name is consistent with the approach taken by many other universities.

Do not refer to the University by any other names in formal communications, including MSU, Montclair State, Montclair State College, and so forth.

Communication Policies

The University has established policies to help all members of the community to represent the institution appropriately and accurately. Contact University Communications and Marketing if you have questions.

Policy on Institutional Identity and Use of Name and Marks:  establishes an identity system that guides how the university represents itself and its component units, in print and online, and sets for the rules for how its name and signature marks and images may be used.

Policy on News Media Relations: expresses the University’s commitment to working with the news media to support the free flow of information and specifies who may speak on behalf of the institution.

Social Media Policy and Web Publishing Policy: expectations for the responsible use of social media and websites that are identified with the University.

Social Media Guidelines: best practices for managing personal and professional online presences and when posting information on behalf of the University.