Aerial shot of Montclair State University's campus.

Internal Audit Department Mission Statement

The mission of the Internal Audit Department is to provide independent and objective reviews and assessments of the business activities, operations, financial systems and internal accounting controls of Montclair State University.

The Internal Audit Department accomplishes its mission by carrying out a plan of operational, financial and performance audits, selected as a result of an ongoing review of the key processes and risk levels. This audit plan is reviewed and approved by the President of Montclair State University and the Audit, Finance and Investment Committee of the Board of Trustees.


The Internal Audit Department conducts independent reviews and appraisals of the University procedures and operations. These reviews provide management with an independent appraisal of the effectiveness of various operations and systems of control by seeking to:

  • Evaluate the adequacy of the internal control structure
  • Assess compliance with written policies, procedures, laws and regulations
  • Evaluate the reliability of information reporting systems for financial and other operating data
  • Verify the existence of assets and ensure proper safeguards for their protection
  • Review the application of information technology for governance, control and assurance
  • Maximize the operational effectiveness and use of the University resources

The Internal Audit Department seeks to assist management by:

  • Conducting continuous quality improvement programs
  • Promoting operational effectiveness and efficiency
  • Reviewing and evaluating financial and operational controls
  • Providing proactive consultation and advice on operational and control related matters
  • Liaison with management on dealings with external auditors
  • Conduct investigations as necessary
  • Recommending best practices