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Montclair State grad benefits from trend in sustainability jobs

Alex landed a job with a company that wants him to increase its environmental handprint

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Alex Tselepis outside of CELS
Alex Tselepis '17, sustainability science, outside of CELS. James M. O'Neill/

Shrinking a company’s carbon footprint involves altering its behavior to reduce its negative impact on the environment. That could mean cutting emissions or using renewable energy.

A company’s handprint involves activity that actually improves the environment.

In his new role as sustainability and handprinting coordinator, Tselepis, a Montville native, will be trying to simultaneously reduce Humanscale Corporation’s carbon footprint and grow its positive environmental handprint.

Handprinting looks at a company doing something positive for the environment, and perhaps influencing others to follow suit.

Alex Tselepis ’17

Take water use as an example. A company that needs to use water in its manufacturing process could reduce its footprint by tweaking manufacturing operations to use less water. It could also end up with a larger handprint if it takes action to make more water available than it consumes by catching rainwater.

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