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Two engineering students strive to create more sustainable communities

TCNJ students Yoelis Brito, an electrical engineering major and Isabella Lamboy, a civil engineering major, recount their experience participating on Green Teams

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Isabella Lamboy and Yoelis Brito
Isabella Lamboy and Yoelis Brito

For her project, Brito worked with a construction and dredging company to inventory their equipment that contains combustible engines. They also performed carbon footprint calculations for the equipment, and presented ways and means to reduce their emissions. The project deliverables involved creating a complicated database, but she says the real-life experience working in a diverse team was just as valuable.

I took on a leadership role within the team and that brought along learning opportunities. I started delegating assignments, learning how to handle conflicts between team members, and working to increase our productivity.

Yoelis Brito

Lamboy worked on a different project, conducting research to inform the preliminary stages of designing a new park in Newark. It was a perfect fit for her, because improving infrastructure is what drives her passion for sustainability.

It’s easy to suggest putting solar panels on your house or growing a garden in your backyard, but what if you live in an apartment and don’t have a roof or a yard? The system needs to be changed.

Isabella Lamboy

Lamboy hopes to someday have her own firm that would retrofit existing buildings to make them more sustainable.

Why tear it all down when you could just tweak it a bit?

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