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Dr. Raúl Galoppe’s Message to the Class of 2020

When we all toasted to the New Year, I’m sure we thought this 2020 was going to be a year of
“perfect vision” and, in your case, the year marking your graduation and the beginning of a new stage in your lives. Of course, all this was true but little did we know that the “vision” and the months ahead were going to try us in such unprecedented ways. When we toasted to 2020 we didn’t expect a graduation in quarantine and in the middle of such uncertainty. And yet, this moment is worth celebrating.

We must recognize our students’ accomplishments even more emphatically now because they mean so much this year. They are a testament to human resilience, flexibility, creativity, and a clear indication that you, dear graduates, are ready for the new world that lies ahead. A world relying on technology and virtuality to overcome the unexpected. A world resorting to social distancing–I hope only temporarily–in the name of public health and the common good.

I wish I could write this farewell message in more prosperous and propitious times. However, I write these words with hope and happiness. My hope is inspired by the exceptional work that you all have done to complete your studies. Your success today forecasts the many extraordinary opportunities that will come your way in the future. My happiness is rooted in optimism because, I know, you are well prepared to make a definitive mark in this unpredictable world.

With your degree in hand, you will rise to the challenge. Light up the dark paths as you traverse the forest of life. Always stand on the side of knowledge and against irrational confusion. Use your expertise in the Spanish language and culture to foster communication and understanding among people. Embrace what is to come and always follow your heart. By doing so, you’ll forge a promising future and make this world a better place.

A final word as you prepare to part: remember that you will always keep an important place in our department’s history and, as alumni, your initiatives will be enthusiastically welcome. Therefore, let us not say goodbye, only hasta pronto.

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