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Emeritus Faculty

Emeritus Faculty


Vincenzo Bollettino

Vincenzo Bollettino, professor of Spanish and Italian, received a PhD Comparative Literature, English and a PhD in Spanish from Rutgers University. His research interests include 20th century Latin American literature and 20th century Italian literature. He is the author of The Train Station published by Scripta Humanistica (2014).


Joanne Engelbert






Image of Linda Gould Levine


Linda Gould Levine

Linda Gould Levine received a PhD from Harvard University. Her research interests include: the contemporary Spanish novel, Spanish film, Spanish and Latin American women writers, and feminist literary criticism. She is the author of the books Isabel Allende (2002) and Juan Goytisolo: la destrucción creadora (1976), as well as two critical editions of Goytisolo’s novel, Don Julián (1985, 2004). She was awarded the Montclair State University Distinguished Teacher Award in 2003 and the Outstanding Faculty Award in 1989.