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Majors and Minors

Who is my academic advisor?
You can find out by reviewing your degree audit or by contacting the Program Assistant of the Department.
How can I find out what courses I need to complete a major or minor in Spanish, minor in Portuguese Studies or minor in Latino Studies?
The Department office (CS222) has information about all the programs offered in Spanish, Portuguese, and Latino Studies. The Department website also lists information. You can also consult your advisor. Finally, the website of University College also lists four year plans for Spanish majors. University College
Who answers questions about transfer credits in my major?
Please talk to Dr. Galoppe for Spanish courses.
Who answers questions about AP credits from high school?
Please see Dr. Galoppe to convert a score of 3, 4, or 5 on the AP Spanish Literature exam into an elective course in Spanish. A score of 3 on the AP Spanish language exam is equivalent to completion of SPAN 103. A score of 4 or 5 on the AP Spanish exam is equivalent to completion of SPAN 104. These courses do not count toward the major in Spanish.
Who answers questions about study abroad for a semester or year?
Please talk to Dr. Galoppe about Spanish and Portuguese courses and programs.
I want to graduate and see that I am missing one course in my major that is not offered next semester. Who can help me?
Please talk to Dr. Galoppe.
Does the Department offer Independent Study courses?
In special cases, yes, especially to help a student graduate on time. Please consult Dr. Galoppe about this matter.
Who answers questions about the Teacher Education Program?
Please contact Dr. Edstrom for questions about the Teacher Education Program in Spanish.
What is the process for being accepted into the Teacher Education Program?
If you consult the website of the Center of Pedagogy, you will find detailed information about the admissions process. Your home department—Spanish and Latino Studies—requires nine credits of major courses before you can apply to the program. Please contact Dr. Edstrom in Spanish concerning the dates of the interviews for admission to the program.
Who answers questions about the Translation Program in Spanish?
Please contact Dr. García Vizcaíno.
Who answers questions about summer study abroad programs offered by the Department?
Please contact Dr. Zapata for Montclair in Madrid.