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GenEd Students

I need to complete the World Languages requirement. How do I go about signing up for a class?
The Department has very clear guidelines about student placement in Spanish and Portuguese courses depending on the language you studied in high school and the date you graduated from high school. Click here for Placement Policies
On the AP test (for either Spanish or Italian) I received a score of 3, 4, or 5. Can I receive credit for my score?
Yes. A score of 3 on the AP Spanish language exam is equivalent to completion of SPAN 103. A score of 4 or 5 on the Spanish exam is equivalent to completion of SPAN 104. Both these courses fulfill the language requirement for the 2002 GEN ED and you will receive 3 credits for one of these courses. A score of 3, 4, or 5 on the AP Spanish Lit. exam is equivalent to 3 credits in a Spanish literature course. Please see Dr. Galoppe to convert the AP score into a specific course if it has not been posted on your academic analysis.
Can I take the NYU Proficiency Exam to test out of the World Language requirement?
You must first take the Montclair State University placement test to determine your level in the language. Depending on your level, consult with the language coordinator in Spanish about the score you would need to receive on the NYU Proficiency Test to be given a waiver from the language requirement. The NYU placement test gives credits for the language; if your score is high enough, you are waived from taking language courses at Montclair State.
Can I take the CLEP exam to test out of the World Languages Requirement?
We do not generally recommend the CLEP test, because Montclair State University policy states that, even if you receive full possible credit on the CLEP, you still need to take one more language course here. The only test the University accepts for full credit to fill the World Languages Requirement is the NYU 12 point exam (see previous question).
I want to take a Spanish or Portuguese language course at another institution during the summer. What do I do?
You need to take the placement exam at Montclair State University to ascertain your correct level. If you want to take a language that you studied in high school, you need to bring the following to Dr. Galoppe: your placement score, the permission form that you picked up from the Registrar to take work at another institution, and information on how many years of language you had in high school and when you graduated from high school. The course must be substantially similar to our. Please refer to the Placement Policies.
I want to study abroad during the summer. Can I get credits for a language course?
Yes, if the course is substantially similar to ours. Please refer to the above question and answer concerning work at another institution, and please consult Dr. Galoppe for questions about programs in Spanish and Portuguese.
I am a transfer student. Can I transfer the language courses I took at my previous institution to Montclair State to fulfill the World Language Requirement?
Yes. If the credits from another institution have been posted on your academic analysis record as free electives and you want to use them to complete the World Language Requirement, please contact Dr. Galoppe for Spanish and Portuguese transfer credits.
I am concerned that the language course that I have been advised to take will be too difficult for me. Is there tutoring available on campus?
Yes. Tutoring in Spanish is available through the Center for Advising and Student Transitions in Webster Hall, and also through the Spanish Honor Society, Sigma Delta Pi. Please consult the Department program assistant, for information concerning tutoring offered by the Department.
I want to study Portuguese at Montclair State University. Can I fulfill the World Languages requirement with Portuguese 101, 102, and 103?
Yes. PORT 101 and PORT 102 fulfill the 1983 GEN ED Foreign Language Requirement and the 2002 GEN ED World Languages Requirement. PORT 103 meets the 1983 GEN ED Foreign Language Requirement, but not the 2002 GEN ED World Language Requirement. Please see the Department chair, Dr. Galoppe, and he will fill out a credit adjustment form so that PORT 103 counts toward the 2002 GEN ED World Language Requirement.