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Study Abroad

Spanish Program

The Spanish Program believes strongly in the Study Abroad program for our majors, minors and for any other students taking Spanish. The experience of studying and living in a Spanish-speaking country enhances students’ understanding of the native culture while improving their language skills.  Majors and minors are encouraged to study abroad for a semester, a year, or the summer.  The Department will make sure that students’ course work is equivalent to the courses taken at Montclair State so that credits are earned in the major or minor at the same time that students enjoy the experience of studying in another country.

Montclair State offers a number of programs for students in Spain and Latin America, as indicated below:

Study Abroad Programs in Spain and Latin America (Please note: For AY2021-2022, some programs and destinations continue to be suspended due to COVID-19).

Latin American and Latino Studies Program

Study Abroad is strongly recommended, although it is not a requirement. Students interested in this option will make arrangements through Montclair State University’s Office of International Academic Initiatives As many as four courses may be used from the study abroad experience to complete the LALS minor. However, all course work must be carefully selected with a LALS advisor, methods of evaluation must be agreed upon, and the LALS 401 (Capstone Course in Latin American and Latino Studies) must be taken after the study abroad experiences.