The view from the Student Center Quad on a sunny day.

About Us

Mission of SDCL

The Division of Student Development and Campus Life provides access, support, and encouragement to all students in pursuit of academic excellence in the Montclair State University’s diverse community. As a Division, SDCL establishes inclusive partnerships, programs, facilities and services, builds leadership, enriches academic and career goals, creates an environment that supports student belonging and enhances the quality of life for potential and current students, and alumni. SDCL fosters the full development of Montclair State University students through:

  • A commitment to a holistic and comprehensive student experience that builds skills in self-advocacy, social responsibility, student belonging and personal wellness.
  • Building dynamic co-curricular experiences that complement and enhance classroom learning.
  • Creating a student first culture that fosters respect, a sense of belonging and encourages care and concern for self and others within diverse communities.
  • Promoting student success at every level by offering opportunities to engage in campus activities, leadership development and self-exploration through an array of programs and services both on and off the Montclair State University campus.
  • Encouraging the growth of a global mindset through transformative experiences emphasizing social justice, diversity, equity and inclusion.