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Mission, Values and Goals

SDCL Mission

The Division of Student Development and Campus Life provides access, support, and encouragement to all students in pursuit of academic excellence in the Montclair State University’s diverse community. As a Division, we establish inclusive partnerships, programs, facilities and services, build leadership, enrich academic and career goals, and enhance the quality of life for potential and current students, and alumni. We support the full development of our students through:

  • A commitment to a holistic and comprehensive student experience that builds skills in self-advocacy, social responsibility and personal wellness
  • Building dynamic co-curricular experiences that complement and enhance classroom learning
  • Creating a student first culture that fosters respect, a sense of belonging and encourages care and concern for self and others within diverse communities.
  • Promoting student success at every level by offering opportunities to engage in campus activities, leadership development and self-exploration through an array of programs and services both on and off the Montclair State University campus
  • Encouraging the growth of a global mindset through transformative experiences emphasizing social justice, diversity, equity and inclusion.

SDCL Core Values

Compassion We operate from a place of compassion and demonstrate empathy for the lived experiences of others through our decisions, words, actions, and gestures big and small.
Respect We advocate for community principles of fairness, understanding and respect.
Ethics We see and act through an ever more ethical lens.
Visibility We are visible, available, approachable, and accessible to students, colleagues, and stakeholders.
Transformative Empowerment We are empowered as agents of change to learn, challenge, seek solutions, navigate obstacles, and take action.
Driven By Innovation We strive to innovate in the development of systems, processes, and practices.

SDCL Strategic Goals

Pillar #1: Student Success and Belonging

  • Strategic Goal #1: Improve meaningful student engagement for commuter students, first generation students, and under-represented students by assessing needs and creating intentional programs, outreach strategies, services and resources.
  • Strategic Goal #2: Advance student thriving across five dimensions of wellbeing (purpose/career, social, financial, physical, and community).
  • Strategic Goal #3: Improve customer service, responsiveness and student satisfaction with services delivered through the SDCL division.

Pillar #2: Professional Staff Growth and Development

  • Strategic Goal #1: Elevate Staff Competencies as Student Affairs Practitioners & Functional Area Experts
  • Strategic Goal #2: Enhance the climate/culture and core values of the division.

Pillar #3: Intra-university Collaboration

  • Strategic Goal #1: Improve overall institutional responsiveness to a broad range of student needs.
  • Strategic Goal #2: Identify and build strong strategic relationships and alliances with individuals and units across campus.