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Re-Registration Information

What is a Registered Student Organization?

Consists of a group of students who represent a community of students whether it be by their shared interests, culture, identity, or ideals. These organizations follow the requirements set forth by the Student Government Association Statutes and have access to SGA funding.

What do you need to be considered a Registered Student Organization?

  1. Student Membership.
  2. Governance Structure.
  3. Student Self-Governance.
  4. Umbrella Organizations”/”Stacking” Prohibited.
  5. RSOs must be open to all MSU students and may not charge dues.

These are few of the requirements that will make an organization eligible under the Student Government Association. For more information refer to Section 5 Article A or reach out to our President Pro-Tempore.

Timeline of Registration

  1. Student organizations shall submit all the required information to the SGA electronically through the registration application on the SGA webpage/Engage. Registration applications will be stamped on the date and time they are received by the SGA.
  2. Once the student organization complies with all of the requirements in subsection (A) above and electronically submits its registration application, the SGA Vice President or President Pro Tempore shall have ten (10) business days to approve or deny the registration.
  3. Upon completion of its registration, an RSO shall have access to SGA funding in accordance with Article Six of the Statutes.
    • The SGA Treasurer shall provide periodic training on the SGA financial statutes.
  4. All RSOs are required to renew their registration on an annual basis; the registration period generally runs throughout the school year, but organizations that fail to renew their registration shall not have access to SGA funding or MSU Meeting Room Reservations until their annual registration is completed.
  5. Restarting an inactive RSO. RSOs that do not annually renew their registration will be marked as inactive. Students interested in restarting an inactive RSO should contact the SGA to begin the process and determine if there are any past documents from the organization to which the SGA has access. Any old documents will be provided for reference purposes only; the organization may create new governing documents if so desired.
Engage Registration

Registration or Reregistration will be done on Engage as of Fall 2021 for more information regarding the Registration process contact:

Vice President:
President Pro-Tempore:

Organizations Presidents and Treasurers must be financially trained to receive funding, for more information on this process contact