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Sexual Assault

Montclair State University takes a firm position against all forms of sexual violence. We know it occurs on all college campuses; most incidents are never reported and we are not exempt from these incidents as a University. Montclair State University addresses sexual violence in several ways:

  • Reduce the incidence of sexual violence through education and outreach efforts
  • Increase the reporting of incidents by improving access to services
  • Provide comprehensive, victim-centered care on campus

Montclair State University Position Statement

Sexual violence will not be excused or tolerated. Existing criminal, civil and disciplinary actions will be enforced.  Montclair State University has adopted measures to educate the campus community and protocols to assist victims.  Special emphasis is placed on the needs, rights and privacy of the victim and due process for offenders. The University adheres to federal, state and local requirements for interventions, crime reporting and privacy provisions related to sexual assault.

Sexual Assault Response

It is our hope that no one within our campus community will become a victim of sexual assault. However, if it occurs, the University has a group of professionals who are tasked to meet all victim needs. The members are trained to provide victim-centered, compassionate, comprehensive services directly on campus.

Who Provides Assistance?

University Police

The Montclair State University Police Department is a fully sworn police agency with extensive training in sexual assault law, victim rights and the emotional and physical needs of a victim. They provide criminal investigation at the request of the victim.

Forensic Nurses

Montclair State’s Student Health Center has certified Forensic Nurses who are trained to provide medical care, forensic evidence collection and preventive medications. All services are provided at the Student Health Center.

Victim Options

Victims of sexual assault at Montclair State University have several options for care and services. The victim has the right to accept or decline any or all of the following:

  • Evaluation/treatment of injuries and prevention of sexually transmitted diseases and pregnancy
  • Forensic examination for evidence collection
  • File criminal charges and/ or a report
  • File University disciplinary charges
  • File civil charge
  • File a Title IX complaint the Office of Civil Rights (OCR).
  • Report as a “Jane/John Doe” victim: This option allows the victim to have a forensic examination for evidence collection but not file charges or release identity to anyone except the forensic nurse. Evidence is stored for 5 years which allows for evidence preservation and for the victim to have time to make a final decision.
  • Seek sexual assault services off campus

The victim may accept or decline any or all options. NO action is taken by the University or University Police without a victim’s consent unless it is believed that the individual or the community at large may be in danger.

Community Resources

What to Do

If you or someone you know has been sexually assaulted call University Police, 973-655-5222. Contacting Montclair State University Police does not mean someone has to be charged with a crime. It does mean that a victim will be connected to appropriate care. The most important action is to help victims get assistance.

Important Contact Information