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How to Submit Immunization Forms Via Med+Proctor

This web page provides directions on how you submit your required immunization information to the University.


University partners with Med+Proctor to review students’ immunization documentation. All immunization documentation must be submitted through Med+Proctor where you will need to create an account in order to submit your immunization history.

Please Note: Your Med+Proctor account must be created using your @mail.montclair.edu email extension.

  • Uploading your immunization documents is FREE! There is no required payment to complete this process.
  • Uploaded records are typically reviewed within 24-48 business hours!
  • Med+Proctor chat hours are: Monday – Friday, 9 a.m. – 8 p.m.)

You will communicate directly with Med+Proctor regarding your immunization records and compliance status. Read the FAQs about submitting immunizations with Med+Proctor. If you need help, contact Med+Proctor directly by chat once you register at the link above, or by email to help@medproctor.com

Med+Proctor Optional Service

Students can choose to upgrade their Med+Proctor account to view or download the documents that they have uploaded into Med+Proctor. There is no need for this upgrade to fulfill their University immunization requirement. This may be useful to students if they would like to access their records as stored in Med+Proctor in the future.

How to Register Your Med+Proctor Account

Using MyHealth Portal

Students use the Med+Proctor system to upload immunization documentation. They use their MyHealth Portal to:

  • Complete necessary medical forms
  • Send secure messages to University Health Center staff
Learn More about MyHealth Portal