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Campus Safety

Resources and Support Where and When You Need It!

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Campus Safety

Resources and Support Where and When You Need It!

We are happy to have our campus buzzing with students, activities and the sounds of fun. Staying safe this spring is important and we encourage you to consider these resources.

Emergencies On Campus vs Off Campus

Anyone with information about a crime or other serious and emergent incident should report the circumstances to University Police, by phone 973-655-5222 or in person at the University Police Department Headquarters, adjacent to the Red Hawk Parking Deck.

To report a crime or an emergency off campus, dial 911.

Mobile and Email Alerts with Rave Alerts

Receive text message notifications regarding emergency situations and other vital scenarios via the Rave Alerts system. The cell phone number you added to your Banner Emergency Contact information is automatically added to the Rave Alerts system. To be sure the information is correct please check your Rave Alerts account at: Get Rave – Montclair.

All broadcast alerts for situations including school closings, power outages, security threats, weather hazards and evacuations will be texted to your phone with a follow up email message with details sent to your Montclair State University email account.

Rave Guardian

With the RAVE Guardian app you contact University Police if you see something suspicious on campus. You even can connect with University Police when you’re walking alone and feel unsafe. Get details about the RAVE Guardian, including download/setup instructions. View Instructions on How to Download the RAVE Guardian App.


E-TIPS is a text tip hotline you can use to confidentially report an incident or something you see/find on campus that is suspicious. Text “E-TIPS” then a space and your message to 67283 from your cell phone. You also can send a tip to the University Police Department by using the Guardian safety app and clicking on the Emergency icon.

Montclair State Is a Blue Light Campus

Emergency call boxes are located throughout the campus and are easily recognized by the blue light above the phone. These emergency phones connect you directly to the University Police Department, which is available 24/7. Officers are available 24/7 if you need assistance. We recognize that many students use their cell phone so be sure to put the University Police number of 973-655-5222 in your contacts as well.

SART Response (Sexual Assault Response Team)

If you or someone you know has been sexually assaulted, tell someone immediately!

Montclair State Sexual Assault Response Team (SART) can help a victim only if a member of the team is notified. Notify Montclair State SART by contacting University Police at 973-655-5222 or the University Health Center at 973-655-3459. The SART team is made up of trained professionals in law enforcement, health services and advocacy that work from a victim centered, trauma focused viewpoint.

Speak to a Confidential Resource

You can speak to Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS), the University Health Center, the Women’s Center, the Office for Social Justice and Diversity and our Clergy Advisor to explore options. Get Information!

Report to the University

Montclair State University supports and encourages reporting to address incidents of sexual assault, sexual harassment, dating violence, domestic violence, intimate partner violence and stalking. Submit A Title IX Report.

If you have a complaint against a Montclair State University student, please either submit a Title IX report or contact Yolanda Alvarez, Office of the Dean of Students, 973-655-4118, alvarezyo@montclair.edu.

If you have a complaint against a Montclair State University employee, submit your information via the Online Symplicity Form or contact Dr. Ashante Connor, Human Resources, 973-655-4234, connora@montclair.edu

Red Hawk Ready Medical Alert Kit

If you have a medical condition, have allergies or take medications, the Red Hawk Ready Medical Alert Kit allows you to keep your medical information readily available in a discrete way so it is available for EMS providers in an emergency when you are unable to communicate. Packets include an information letter, ID card and alert sticker. Pick up your Red Hawk Ready Medical Alert packet at the EMS Office (Student Center, Room 105), Disability Resource Center or the University Health Center. This program is open to anyone in the campus community who may benefit.


The CARE Team serves Montclair State University students. Any community member is able to submit a report to the CARE Team if they are concerned about the behavior of a student. Reports can be sent directly to a member of the CARE Team, via a CARE Report Form and/or by emailing CARETeam@montclair.edu. If you think the student is an immediate danger to self or others please contact University Police immediately at 973-655-5222.

MSU Cares

Feeling unwell, alone, stressed? Need to talk with someone? Visit the MSU Cares website for helpful information and resources.