Picture of the front of the University Police station

Community Services and Programs

Community Services and Programming Division Commander: Captain Tim Fox

Crime Prevention Specialist: Lieutenant Jaison Frazier 

The Montclair State University Police Department recognizes that to be an effective law enforcement agency we must strive to encourage citizen involvement in reducing crime and identifying problems which affect community quality of life. The Community Services and Programs Division is tasked with ensuring there is a constant flow of information, programming and evaluation to meet the growing needs of a growing community.

Some areas that officers provide services and programming include self-defense, sexual assault prevention and resources, online safety, emergency planning and procedures, campus safety, residential and office safety surveys, among others. Community law enforcement service, by definition, is a philosophy and organizational strategy that promotes a partnership between citizens and the police. It is based on the premise that both the police and the community must work to identify problems and possible solutions with the goal of improving the quality of life in a given area.

The President’s Committee on University Safety is comprised of both a Student Safety Subcommittee and Employee Safety Subcommittee, and community members are encouraged to seek out their area’s representative for non-emergent issues they feel are of importance to the entire community.  Committee members meet regularly with University Police to open lines of communication and problem solve issues that we encounter as a community.

For more information on programming, or to hire an officer for your event or pay for officer services, please contact University Police at 973-655-7440 or at msupolice@montclair.edu