The Psychology Department at Montclair State University is a diverse community of educator-scholars who create a student-centered learning environment in its undergraduate and graduate programs, while maintaining a culturally sensitive approach.

Undergraduate courses in psychology establish a sound basis for later professional or graduate training in psychology. As part of a broad liberal education, they satisfy the needs of students, (majors and non-majors), and teach principles and techniques as intellectual tools for work in other social and biological sciences and in professional fields such as social work, journalism, business and law. Courses required for teacher certification in the State of New Jersey, as described in the Teacher Education Program, are provided.

We respect our faculty and staff members as colleagues and their unique and particular professional commitments as they relate to academic responsibilities within their field of psychology.

Faculty provide excellence in:

  1. inspired teaching of the science and practice of psychology,

  2. research, and

  3. dedicated service to the University and to the broader community.

One of the department's main goals is to ensure that our students are prepared to think scientifically and ethically and to enter a wide range of productive roles.