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A psychology degree is incredibly versatile. Our graduates have landed spots in top graduate programs and then pursue careers in research and/or clinical practice. They’ve also found success in a wide variety of fields, such as business, finance, human resources, and communications.

What can I do with a BA in psychology?

Understanding human behavior is an asset in any job. While many psychology majors want to seek advanced master’s and doctoral-level degrees, there are many interesting jobs for individuals who graduate with a BA alone.

Students can apply for entry-level jobs in areas including:

  • Research
  • Mental Health
  • Human Resources
  • Social Services
  • Market Research and Marketing
  • Corrections
  • Education

Want to pursue graduate school at Montclair State?

Psychology majors can pursue a combined BA-MA program to complete a master’s degree at the same time as their bachelor’s degree. We also offer a stand-alone MA in General Psychology. The MA in Clinical Psychology lets students select a concentration in Child and Adolescent Psychology or Forensic Psychology. We also offer an MA program in Industrial/Organizational Psychology and a School Psychology Certification Program. Finally, we also offer a PhD in Clinical Psychology for those students who wish to pursue their doctorate.

For more details on the career paths for each specific graduate degree, please visit the individual program pages.