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Undergraduate Programs

Psychology focuses on understanding, predicting and solving problems related to human behavior in today’s information-rich world, which makes it one of the most relevant, versatile fields of study.

If you want to better understand yourself and those around you, look no further than a degree in Psychology. You’ll employ a variety of lenses – including biological, cognitive, developmental, social and personality – to appreciate why people do what they do while building expertise in scientific methods, critical thinking and statistical procedures.

Our Psychology students have opportunities to:

  • Conduct research in one of 20 laboratories
  • Connect with current students and active alumni networks
  • Earn college credits with cooperative education internships and study abroad opportunities
  • Prepare for fulfilling, versatile careers and graduate studies
  • Receive mentorship from dedicated faculty

Students who wish to add a major or minor in Psychology, or change their major to Psychology, should complete this NEST form, which will be sent to the Psychology Department.

Major: Psychology (38 credits)

Psychology helps people understand themselves and others in a variety of contexts. Studying Psychology provides people with a firm understanding of how evidence can be used to draw conclusions and make experiences of others better.
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Minor: Psychology (18 credits)

The psychology minor complements any major on campus. Why not use those free electives to pick up our minor? All you need to do is complete the form to add a major/minor and have our department chair sign it.
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