All applicants must meet the admission requirements for graduate study at Montclair State University.  Please refer to The Graduate School for all application requirements and instructions.  In addition, applicants must have:

  • A bachelor's degree in psychology
    • For applicants who were not psychology majors, a minimum of 12 undergraduate credits in psychology, including a course in statistics and a laboratory experimental course, are required. Please note: an introductory course in psychology does not count toward the minimum credit requirement, though it might be needed as a pre-requisite to other psychology courses.
    • The undergraduate requirements can be taken here at Montclair State or another university. Please be sure to check with the Graduate Programs Coordinator to be certain the courses taken elsewhere fulfill the undergraduate credit requirements.
  • Acceptable scores on the GRE (the Psychology Subject Test is not required)
  • At least two letters of recommendation (three for School Psychology Certification)
    • Letters from academia are strongly suggested
    • Personal letters of reference are discouraged
  • Interview with faculty and a writing sample
    • This applies only to those seeking admission to the MA in Clinical Psychology and/or School Psychology Certification programs.
  • For School Psychology Certification: a master's degree in psychology or a relevant field may be considered for admission. Applicants who do not hold an advanced degree must apply for the MA program in Clinical Psychology (concentration in Child/Adolescent Psychology).

Deadlines for applying to any of our programs are as follows:

Our graduate programs in the Department of Psychology maintain rolling admissions, with admissions for both Fall and Spring.  This means, as soon as you are ready to apply, please do so online by visiting the The Graduate School's website.

The Admissions Process:

  • Interested candidates should adhere to the application guidelines of The Graduate School.  Upon receiving required application materials, The Graduate School will review applications and forward them to the Department of Psychology.
  • The Department of Psychology then reviews the applications and requests interviews (dependent upon program) with prospective candidates.
  • The Department of Psychology then notifies The Graduate School of its recommendation for admission.
  • The Graduate School notifies prospective candidates of their status via e-mail and postal letter.

Accepted candidates are asked to contact their program director or the Graduate Programs Coordinator to schedule a time to create a work program.  The work program is an outline of the courses required for the degree and explains which courses students will complete each semester they are in the program. By following their work program, students will be on-track to graduating in a timely manner.