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Can I take graduate psychology courses as a non-degree (non-matriculated) student?
No. The Department of Psychology does not allow this. However, other programs at Montclair State University do allow coursework to be taken in their departments. Please see the Office of Graduate Admissions & Support Services webpage for the complete listing of programs who do not allow non-degree students to register in their graduate classes.

When are the graduate courses offered?
We offer graduate classes every fall and spring in the late afternoon and evening. Some courses are offered during the winter and summer. Occasionally, we offer classes during the daytime. We strongly advise students to expect to complete their coursework during the fall and spring semesters though.

If I currently hold a master's degree, do I still need to submit GRE scores?
No. Applicants who possess a graduate degree have the GRE requirement waived by Montclair State.

Do I need to take the GRE Psychology Subject Test for admission?
No. We do not require the subject-specific exam.

When are the GREs offered?
Please visit the ETS website to determine the available dates, times, and locations to take the GRE.

Are graduate assistantship (GA) positions available in the department?
Yes. We do offer GA positions and the number of those vary from year to year. They are highly competitive positions. If you are interested in being considered for a GA position, please indicate such on your graduate application. There is not a separate application for this. Dr. Jennifer Bragger, the graduate programs coordinator, can help answer questions about these competitive positions.

Will the state recognize me as a psychologist who can practice upon graduating with my master's degree?
No. Our graduate programs do not have any certifications or licensures attached. The state of New Jersey will not recognize you as a practicing psychologist.

How do I know what courses I should be taking toward my degree?
Upon acceptance, you should do exactly what your acceptance letters states: contact your Graduate Programs Coordinator (Dr. Jennifer Bragger). Complete a work program that will outline the coursework needed for your degree as well as identify the electives you will select with the assistance of the GPC or a graduate advisor suggested to you.

What if I decide I'd like to take a different elective from what was indicated on my work program?
If you would like to take another course in the place of a selected one listed on your work program, you must get approval for that course before taking it. Taking a class and then contacting us afterwards expecting it to count is not a good idea since the class you took might not be relevant to your degree. This is why we require you to get approval before registering or completing the course.

Once approval is given, it must be changed in the system on our end so please be sure to mention that the new course is substituting an already designated course and give us that course name and number as well.